How to Self Publish Your Book and Become a Writer: 5 Steps to Success

There’s never been a better time to be a writer. The advent of self-publishing means that you can get your books to your readers quickly, and without many of the costs of traditional publishing. In this article, self-publishing expert Mark Dawson explains the 5 steps you need to take to be successful in getting your books out there.

How to Write A Bestseller: Advice From An Award Winning Author

We love learning about the writing process here at ProWritingAid. Every author approaches the task slightly differently: and not all authors are born equal. Many writers have wondered just what it is that makes bestselling, award-winning authors so, well, bestselling and award-winning. In this article, we look at how Maggie O’Farrell wrote her way to success.

Make Your Voice Heard in Unprecedented Times On September 26

One of our favorite things about the ProWritingAid community is just that—community. We love our little corner of the writing world, and that’s why we always want to share as much writing content with you as possible. Today, though, we’re focussing on something a little different but so incredibly important. Here’s our chance for our community to give a little back—while still getting some amazing writing advice along the way!

10 Tips to Build a Writing Practice Discipline to Finish Your Novel

Writers write. Writing a novel is not a one and done for the day game. It requires the discipline of consistency to complete the manuscript.

The challenge of finding time confronts every writer who is not a full-time author. In this article, find out why building a personal writing discipline will help you complete your novel.