Drive Massive Amounts of Online Traffic to Your Site by Participating in High Traffic Website Traffic Forums

High Traffic Website Traffic Forums


A traffic forum is a place where people talk about any kind of topic. If you want to get your marketplace booming, you person want to visit your site, so you need to get in there and start making your presence there of interest. But how do you do that?

I’m here to help you. But you first need to understand the concept and that visitors simply equate to sales. I happen to know that this is an online marketer’s “Dearly bitten” rule of thumb. Everyone will tell you that you have to have a certain number of visitors if you want to make a million or two.

The drive market’s influence on web site traffic is completely dependent on the type of product you are marketing and the presentation of the site you are promoting. If I set up a discussion board, I can promote my own products there, or I can get involved in other information products and forums and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tactics in generating traffic to my site. When you get involved in another online forum, you need to get with the program.

Choose a quality forum and register your name. Do not post newly created threads that have nothing to do with the discussions so far. Create your signature immediately so that others visiting the forum will be able to find your signature link. Under your signature you need to have a short blurb about yourself and about your site. Make sure that you do not create a sales pitch in your signature, as a forum is a social place.

I have a lot of experience in viral marketing and sound marketing with a vehicle appraisal online, which is critical to your promotion efforts. Write great articles about what you can offer them, but have them inspection do a select list of people usually within your niche market, and read their comments. You could pick out the best comments and use them as affiliate ads. When you do this, make sure that you allow the author the right to use their weblog address on their own site, to keep the comments within the forum without the potential of getting called out.

In saying after all of this, there is an expression in business; “always give an example” If you try to hide or interpret what you are offering in your sales pitch, people will lose interest and your conversion rate on your product will suffer because of this. But if you are truly knowledgeable about the product, your offers points out as well as need for your potential customers to get to know you.

This takes time and patience, don’t expect it to be instantly. Get in there and start participating in the forum. This is still an active atmosphere and like anything else, you’ll see that people are nervous when you first get involved. It can really be daunting, but many people start out by writing a comment, more often than not the way you described your service or product is done by someone else. Now and then, you will want to steer off a topic completely, particularly when you first come in contact with someone on the forum. Just say hello, welcome and get to know somebody.

Eventually you will feel comfortable on the site, as if you know what else to say, yet you have to go slow, and testing other methods can make you act on it much faster. But if you do this right through the trial and error, you will have the sales coming in faster than you ever thought possible.

It’s best to spend 30 minutes or as much time as it takes to create the discussion on your own. Now Go out and talk about your service, product, or product web page and get the results you are looking for.

20% of all site traffic comes through forums and a lot of those people using search engines. Listen up, your ROI is very big with forums. As a marketer, you can count on these people to get results, as well as becoming an expert in marketing your product online. You will make some mistakes and lose some leads so don’t get discouraged. Just remember to love what you do and you will see the results.

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