Why an Author Needs to Have an Accountant on their Team

CPA for writers


When you’re an author or writer, even if you work as a freelancer, calculating your taxes can actually be tricky. Many people don’t give so much importance to this, that’s why it is common for a lot of professional writers or authors to wrongly assume that, because of their budget, they are not able to afford the hiring of the professional services of an accountant; however, not doing it could actually be a big mistake.

Getting the services of a public accountant it’s actually the best investment that any author can make; it can help them to save the so hard-earned money, so they can work more calmly. If you have an accountant that works for you can actually help you that all of your finances are recorded legally, without losing money. This can also help you to avoid some further big troubles.

What actually an accountant can do for you?

A CPA, as a professional of the finances area, can perform several tasks for authors, and these are some of them:

  • Preparation: This professional is in charge of preparing the author’s finances, and also analyzing and interpreting them appropriately.
  • Strategies: The professional can design and manage different economic strategies, such as a financial strategy to increase an author’s earnings.
  • Interpretation: Can accurately interpret all the author’s accounting data to determine how him/her can have greater control of the finances, therefore take wise measurements.
  • Implementation: With all the data available, the professional accountant will apply the correct and appropriate accounting for managing her client’s finances.
  • Decision-making: Likewise, the accountant can participate in the decision-making processes at the management level after interpreting all of the author’s financial information.
  • Administration: They can manage the finances of their clients, as well as identify financial risks, that can be of various types.
  • Verification: At all times, the accountant will verify that all financial movements are real and comply with current tax obligations.
  • Supervision: The accounting professional is able to supervise and manage all the financial statements at a historical level, also the projections and available budgets. This helps the author know how much money he has and know what expenses can be avoided.

In general, accountants are responsible for the authors’ money and managing actions and strategies that help manage the finances of their clients in the best possible way, ensuring compliance with current regulations and laws.

certified public accountant

Why does an author need an accountant?

Many authors are enthusiastic about numbers and, oddly enough, about paperwork. However, taking care of your own finances can be risky and even bring legal consequences if the process is not done well. Here are some of the reasons any writer needs to have an accountant on hand:

Taxes can be complicated

In general terms, it could be intuited that taxes are a simple matter: taking accounts, making deductions, calculating percentages… Right? The truth is that they are more complicated than they may seem at a first impression. There also exists a series of norms and rules around all of the documentation, this must be delivered, which will avoid penalties. A certified public accountant understands all the rules, accommodate the documents, and actually complete all the paperwork accordingly, which will help you, as everything is according to the laws, to avoid any kind of problems in advance.

Better to leave the specialized job to professionals

While in theory, anyone is able to handle a pair of scissors, that doesn’t mean everyone should cut their own hair. The same applies in the case of accounting matters. Investing in an accounting professional who knows all about taxes is better than figuring things out for yourself. This provides great peace of mind and comfort in the long run without putting yourself or your finances at risk. Better yet, some accountants specialize in authors, so they know how to do their job right.

It will help you correctly calculate your deductions

Deductions help reduce the amount to be paid in taxes; however, if they are calculated without the proper knowledge, you can fall into tax evasion, which has quite severe consequences at the legal level. A public accountant will be able to carry out tax planning to make the most of all the benefits, always within the margin of the law. This will help you save money without risking tax consequences.

They help you save time

In many jobs, time is valuable. In the case of writers, time is one of their most important assets, so why spend an additional amount of time trying to understand how to fill out the forms and perform the necessary calculations? By hiring an accountant, he will take care of all the minors in the shortest possible time. Accountants are especially helpful for creatives who sincerely hate numbers or are busy all the time.

They can help you get access to financing plans

Many authors need to invest in elements to do their work more efficiently or even make investments to make their capital profitable. Accounting professionals can help you gain better access to various financing plans that suit the author’s capabilities, minimizing financial risk.  For example one of my clients writes for the local papers in Palm Beach, FL so I suggested to her to hire a accountant Palm Beach to put together a financial plan.

An accountant helps you avoid losing money

We cannot emphasize enough how complicated tax calculation can be, which is why many authors who decide to do their own calculations end up paying more than they should initially. Although there are ways to calculate taxes directly, no method is as reliable or safe as having the experience and knowledge of an accountant.

There is an accountant for every budget

Not all authors make millions from their works; however, this does not mean that they cannot invest in an accountant. There is a wide variety of accounting professionals, so it is possible to get one that suits your budget without any problem. Of course, it is essential to verify their credentials, ask for references, and make sure they have experience in the area.

Book handling

The CPA must be able to keep the accounting books properly, keeping them updated as often as necessary in each case. This includes collecting payment receipts, bank deposit receipts, analysis of financial transactions carried out, and everything essential according to your case. CPAs are trained to thoroughly analyze all finances and keep track of the money movements that are made to advise their clients properly.

The accountant can financially educate a writer

Accountants often advise their clients financially, which is very helpful. It is essential to take their advice into account since by observing and analyzing an author’s finances first-hand, can detect the areas where the money is being wasted. To help increase your clients’ profits, as well, can advise you on investments to generate more income, which is certainly quite a significant return on investment.

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How to choose the right public accountant for you?

There are many accountants available to you, some with more or less experience in the field; however, not all will be suitable for your needs. So how can you choose the right one for you? For this, you must consider the following elements:

Study your needs

Before starting your search for accountants, you need to understand precisely why you need one and what you need it to do for you. The accountant will handle those responsibilities entrusted to him, but you need to know what you need before assigning work. These responsibilities may include managing financial books, calculating taxes, tax advice, auditing finances, and even giving financial advice.

Must have verifiable experience in your area

Just as not all doctors have the same specialties, accountants also specialize in different areas and patients. Accountants who specialize in authors and writers know how to handle their clients’ ledgers properly, plus they can educate them on their financial and tax situation. It won’t hurt to spend the time doing a little extra research to find the best expert in the field.


The selected professional must have not only experienced but also the corresponding certifications in their area. This is because they must comply with the legal requirements due to the sensitivity of their responsibilities. An accountant must be able to issue financial reports, keep accounting books, calculate taxes, and much more, always complying with the law.


Public accounting professionals often handle several clients’ books and taxes simultaneously, so getting recommendations on one, in particular, can be a simple task. It is important to verify, with real clients, that the professional is good at what he does, and that he has been able to build a network of reliable clients thanks to his good service and dedicated work. The same applies if the recommendations are mostly negative; this would be an alarm signal that will indicate that it is better to keep looking.

Establish the budget that you can invest

It is useless to do an exhaustive search for a CPA if you do not have enough money to pay the fee they ask for. So it is advisable to establish the maximum budget that can be invested in this professional, to then be able to search among professionals who adapt to the economic capacities that one has.

Compare the costs

When you have the initial list of CPAs that could serve your needs, their costs and rates should be consulted. Some charge monthly fees to maintain finances and books and an additional amount for tax calculations. Others charge a single payment for services provided when they are needed or even annually. It is essential to check these details to make sure there are no surprises in this field.

Check online portals for counters

Many online tools will help you find the right meter for you. These tools not only allow you to get contacts but also to verify their reputation simultaneously such as Google Reviews. Likewise, many CPAs are active in social networks, and they can give you indications about their services if you contact them directly, which can be very beneficial.

Make an initial consultation

Once you have one or more accountants selected and verified their experience in the field, an initial consultation is necessary. Many accountants offer this first consultation for free. This is when you will conduct a short interview to find out what she has to say about her personal experience, ask her about additional services, and what she can do for you. This first consultation can give you very revealing data regarding the accountant’s services and if it is the most suitable for you.

initial meeting with accountant

Questions you can ask an accountant to determine if they are right for you to include the following:

  • How much do you charge for your professional services?
  • What services are covered by your costs?
  • Why should I choose you as an accountant over someone else?
  • What will communication be like between us, and by what means?
  • What experience do you have in my area of work?
  • What additional services can you offer me?
  • What areas will we handle and discuss frequently?
  • What are the main mistakes your customers make?
  • What guarantee can you give me that I will not lose the deadlines?

These questions will undoubtedly help you clarify whether this CPA is the right one for your needs or not, do not be afraid to ask. The professional will answer you without problems because his main interest is to be able to capture a new client and establish a relationship of trust between the two.

There must be clear communication between you and your accountant

No matter how much you know about ledgers, taxes, and finance, the accountant you choose should be able to speak clearly to you and make you understand precisely what they need from you. For this, they must have the necessary experience and ability to communicate with you without making you feel inferior or incapable.

If the accountant you plan to hire makes you feel ignorant or pretends that you know as much about the subject as he or she does, or makes you feel uncomfortable, it is not recommended that you hire him. This is because, although this professional has extensive experience, they will not be able to establish a relationship of trust with you. Would you be able to let someone you do not trust personally handle your money? If the answer is no, then it’s time to keep looking.

The right accountant for you

Knowing the full range of services that the accountant provides, their rates, personality, experience, certifications, and reputation, it is possible to hire the best CPA for your financial needs.

Rules for Writing Good Content for a Palm Beach Gardens, FL Locksmith’s Website

good website content for a locksmith


When you are choosing a career, you should think about the market first. Choosing to be a locksmith is a highly skilled and rewarding career. It carries immense opportunities for growth. By choosing such a high demand career, you will be able to earn a steady income, and you will be able to grow and expand.

Palm Beach Gardens is a vibrant destination that attracts people from all over Florida, and indeed, the US. There are several activities hosted by the city including the following:

-Golfing at the Honda Classic

-Shopping at the malls

-Playing baseball

-Work opportunities with established companies such as Biomet and Belcan

-Gated communities

In such a vibrant and busy environment, the locksmith will always have work to do, and clients making a call. It is common for one to experience lost or stolen keys. In addition to that, locking one out of the car is common. When people buy a new home, they take time to handle the issue of the locks. Simply put, there will be many situations where one will need a locksmith. Therefore, rarely would a locksmith be out of work.

However, like any other trade, being a locksmith can attract stiff competition. Business owners must desire to attain a competitive edge in the market and stand out among the peers. This is more so when it comes to speculation and prediction of the market. There is all the likelihood that more locksmiths will enter the market.

One of the most effective strategies of standing out among the others is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). At the center of SEO is the need to have high quality content that will stand the test of time. This article will guide you on the rules for writing good content for your Locksmith Palm Beach Garden.

Rules for writing good content for Palm Beach Gardens, FL locksmith’s website

There is no template on writing good content for your business. Every content strategy is vulnerable to the needs and preferences of the business. In connection to this, you cannot copy and then paste a strategy that is used by other businesses. It is best to have your own strategy based on the reality of your business and the problems that are going to be solved. That notwithstanding, there are unique ways on writing good content for your Locksmith Palm Beach Garden.

Research Before Writing

It is important that you carry out comprehensive research on what you want to write about. Writing content without proper research has been likened to shooting in the dark. As you do your research, you are going to identify what is of value to the reader and discard what is inaccurate or inconsequential. There is nothing that alienates the reader than reading information which is subjective and not based on facts. Remember, you are competing against many others, and the better the research, the better the outcomes.

Florida does not have a shortage of research opportunities. You do not have to pay for research; you just need to put some little effort. When you are preparing your content, the following sources of data and information will help you write informed content:


website template for a locksmith

-What your customers are saying about your locksmith services, eg their complains or their willingness to make referrals

-Rolling out a customer’s survey

-Reading from the internet (this should be done with caution, and one should only select reputable sources)

-Data from the local authorities

-Research consultants in the Miami Metropole (you will have to pay for this option)

-Data from the university (eg University of Miami)

Having stated that, do not be in a hurry to carry out research. The process of research takes time and effort. Be keen to notice the trends facing Locksmith Palm Beach Garden and think about the most appropriate responses. In connection to this, collaborate with other locksmiths in order to understand the challenges facing the industry.

Choosing the Right Topic

Coming up with the right topic is perhaps one of the most difficult things that a writer can do. Have a habit of creating titles, and then modifying them as they adapt to the content. Note that some titles have made the readers lose interest. Other titles are seen as overly complex thereby pushing away the reader. By the end of the day, the topic matters a lot and its role cannot be underestimated. Bear in mind that readers are going to make decisions based on the topic. Therefore, you cannot afford to go wrong at this stage.

The Use of Keywords and Research Intent

Prior to exploring the keywords and the research intent, it is important to understand the consumer buying process because that is where it all starts (this is otherwise known as the buying decision process). The process starts with the recognition of the need, and the need is triggered either by internal or external stimuli. The consumer proceeds to making an internet search. The consumer, then, evaluates the options available. The consumer makes the purchase decision, and lastly the consumer meets the post-purchase experience.

Having stated that, you can attract the interest of the online visitor from the second stage (making a search). Consumers will look for a product or service using specific keywords, which captures there search intent. When creating content, try as much as possible to stick to the original keywords. Avoid the use of too many keywords as this will stretch your content strategy.

locksmith website marketing

The Use of Local SEO

The business of a locksmith highly depends on the local market. Therefore, you need to use content that resonates with the local people. If you need to resonate to the local cultural groups, then you should do so. Palm Beach is known for its cultural mix, and the business owner should be sensitive to culture. When you are preparing content for local SEO, be sure to incorporate words such as locksmith near me. This is because clients looking for a locksmith would not want to call a professional who is not in the vicinity.

Improve the Readability of Your Content

There are several ways through which you can improve the readability of your content. One of the best ways of doing this is tailoring your content to fit a skimming audience. The use of shorter sentences is better than the use of long and complex sentences. It has been noted that readers are alienated by long paragraph as their concentration span does not support such long paragraphs. Therefore, have a limit on the number of lines for every paragraph. What is important is to keep the reader interested as long as possible and to retain his attention.

Content creators like highlighting what are most important to a piece of content. This can be done through bolding, the use of various sub-headings, the use of brackets for explanation, and the use of transition words. This gives the reader an important take-away. It can also help address information which is deemed difficult or controversial.

By improving the readability of your content, you are enhancing your brand. For example, your content will help you to solidify your reputation compared to the peers. In connection to this, have a habit of interacting with your clients in real time. If you do this, you are going to understand how the clients respond to your content, and the basis for future improvement.

The use of a meta-description

A meta-description does not necessarily influence the ranking of a page in the search engines. However, they have a great bearing on the probability of clicking a page. Typically, this snippet should be under 160 characters and it should be a short description of what the rest of the content is about. It should carry the rationale of the paper and the expected thematic issues that the reader will experience.

If your meta-description contains grammatical errors, then your content will be deemed of low quality, and therefore not reputable. It is advisable that you write a meta-description in the active voice. However, business owners should realize that it is not all the times that the search engines present the meta-description as designed. This notwithstanding, you should not shy away from their use because of their inherent benefits.


Your content should have a well-articulated call to action that should help your business achieve conversion. Such a strategy should capture the attention of the reader. A good call to action for a Locksmith Palm Beach Garden entails the following:

-Your education, skills, and experience

-Skills, education, and experience of the members of staff (if you have any)

-The years of experience (calculated from the year the business was founded)

-Types of services offered (commercial or residential)

-Availability (the assumption here is that you will be available 24/7, locksmiths must be ready to attend to emergencies anyway)

-Your pricing structure

-Stating that you are licensed and certified

-Any offers available

fresh content writing

Refreshing Your Content

It is very important that stale content is refreshed in order to inject freshness to the content. For example, the prices of products and services do change with time. Therefore, ensure that the content is updated accordingly.

Similarly, as a locksmith, you are going to experience better technology in your line of work. In such a case, then, ensure that you keep your reader updated. In fact, this is going to enhance your reputation as it shows your high level of professionalism.

There are some cases where business owners decide to revamp their entire content. Whereas this is expensive, it is worth it in the end. This is because it helps the audience to be updated with critical information. In addition to that, the reader does not read outdated content.

Analyze Your Competitors

In business, you should evaluate what your competitors are doing and this is an effective way of checking what works, and what does not work. This is otherwise known as competitive analysis. This will help you know the type of content that is likely to trend at any given time. In addition to that, it will help you identify the successful strategies that your competitors are doing.

However, do not do something which is illegal or unethical. For example, do not tarnish the name of your competitor. At the same time, do not create a public relations crisis targeting your competitor. You could face a lawsuit based on compromising the reputation of another business.

Who Should Write Your Content?

There are three main options for writing content:

-You can write content all by yourself

-You can have an in-house SEO agency

-You can outsource your writing work to either a writer or an external SEO agency

Not many locksmiths have large firms. In fact, many locksmiths are a one-man one business workforce. In such a case, the temptation is to write content all by oneself. Whereas you may be a good locksmith, you may not be a good writer. Therefore, you may consider hiring another person to handle the writing. It is understandable that taking an in-house SEO agency is expensive, but it is good to consider outsourcing your writing work.

Outsourcing will enable you to get writing products prepared by professionals. With outsourcing, you do not have to get worried about the content, and you can concentrate on the day to day running of your business. In addition to that, you are going to enjoy the services of a team which is experienced in the writing market.


If the current statistics are anything to go by, Palm Beach, Florida will continue to grow. Therefore, you should strategically position yourself to secure a portion of the locksmith market. If you write good content, constantly, you are going to realize optimal outcomes for your business. Having a good content strategy is not going to take place in a day. You need to be persistent and patient. Overall, the ability to write good content is indispensable in promoting the services of Locksmith Palm Beach Garden.