How Joint Ventures Can Sky Rocket Your Internet Sales!

how to do Joint Ventures


In this article I am going to explain why you want to create Joint Ventures and also how you can make them a success with an internet product launch. This is the sexy Secret process to know if you are curious into internet marketing.

World Wide Links and Forums are a prime example of Joint Venture Success

If you are a webmaster and are interested in advertising your product or site to a large group of people quickly then you will want to submit articles to websites all over the internet.

Each site is a potential JV.

There is a fine art to creating JV’s online. You must sign up for the website with the intention of exchanging links with that website. Search engines love unique authority site which point like minded people to your website.

There are companies available who will help you create your Unlimited Joint Venture Email System. check out my site for a free copy.

You will want to learn as much about Link Popularity building and Search Engine Optimization among other things, you understand that it takes time if you want any other type of advertising, Advertising online with a JV system is a fabulous way to get the results you want quickly.

How Important is Attraction Marketing

I did a JV with someone last week and I bet you will be shocked, most marketing mavens will not do joint ventures with you to promote your product, they will usually use you to test out the product if it works then shoot it anyway. I have to admit this is one of those great marketing ploys. I tested his product and I discovered it was “Loser Magazine Bonuses”, if he was going to do a JV with me, I would have owned the Joint Venture for the Life Time!

So let’s start building our attraction, make it easy for the customer you are selling to ( Demand ). for the next 3 to 5 years, their going to be 100’s and 1,000’s of emails, ad letters and mail shots to your inbox. This branded us as Authority with integrity and all this did was drive members and their buyers right to our site.

Joint Ventures Are Not the Magic Button Solution

Remember, it really boils down to get the attention of enough people within the joint venture community at the very least, you can’t drive 1,000’s of people to your website in a day.

Your assemblies and egos is just that, at your own risk. I would advise that anything you learn from me if you wish to change any part of the outcome of having the catchy banging JV debate durning with the Linke and JV partner ” Dallas” is to position your target market and business. Try to create a ‘Unique Selling Proposition’.

Please remember if anything boards as a Joint Venture, you must have a product or service that is worth the story. If you don’t have a name for it or a title and a track record for a long time; don’t put your offers on the board.

Are you worried about social networks such as Twitter and Facebook maybe you shouldn’t be. I can help you with that also, I have successfully built a social business of ten thousand to now, but some of the people on that site have made literally thousands of dollars from just a few friends adding a link to their site on a friend’s site and sending out an appropriate Tweet to their followers.

But you must make it worth their while, they must see the money coming in.

So remember your JV partner can develop a product, service such as a bookkeeper (and you would need to know the bookkeeper cost), a program that is new and distinctive or your JV partner can partner with a company that has a proven winning product and service that already have a name for it, that way your customers will know what to expect.