Blog Monetization with Adsense

make money with your blog with adsense



As an internet entrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to increase or monetize my website. Initially, I was mainly motivated by the fact that I love writing and I love people who enjoy reading what I write. Perhaps you will find similar things in you. But have you ever considered the different ways you can make money through your website.

One of my favorite ways to make money with my website is with Adsense. AdSense is an advertising program run by Google. Under this program, I can place their ads on my website, when someone clicks on one of those ads, I get paid by Google for that click. In my opinion, it is worth every penny. If someone who loves what I write, clicks one of those ads on my website, they will come back for more. What a great way to purchase my time.

What I find is that with AdSense, most people are bound by the money. These are people who have been working at their business for months and have gotten little to show for it. They have hit pay dirt on the Google AdSense button without much confidence in their skills. They cannot think of something new to write about. But if they give my AdSense ads a chance, they will have something new to say.

Learning how to make money with Adsense is simply putting yourself in the right place. Many of them are people who are not interested in writing, but are tempted by the money. Some are web page makers who are excited by the potential for earning a fat paycheck. Selecting your market is the key to all of this.

There are several things you must take into consideration to make your money generation with AdSense method.


I learned this the hard way. My marketing skills have allowed me to make a lot of money. I have written hundreds and hundreds of articles even on random stuff like modular building companies, messages, and blog posts. Some were only a little bit successful. The marketing technique I used for those failures is simple. Whenever I hear that a lot of money can be made with internet blogs, I immediately go back to the drawing board and begin the process over again.


As I mentioned above, the marketing technique I used to market my failed income producing websites is basic. Here is a list of key points to remember:

– Create a pricing 101 page again Your customers know how much you cost based on the quality of your content. They can and probably will go with somebody else.

– flowery language Some of my readers dictate the term “big daler”. Avoid the fluff and directness to what is being said. It is okay to give a laundry shot on the latest toilet paper. What is not okay is to just want to tell the best toilet paper you have.

– Do not just post for the sake of making money. By this, I mean, do not just waste your time. This is one of the warning signs of a blog monetizing scam.


To be successful at Adsense, you need several more things than the next article would cover. I have more to say, but for now, monetize your blog by creating great content that your customers will love to read. This, in itself is the key ingredient to your blog monetization success that I am talking about in this article. It is a virtually fail-proof way to make money with Adsense.

Promote your blog to target markets. The person who reads your blog is interested in the topics you gave him or her. Just about each and every person reading your blog had to come across it either in a search engine result and then visit your website, or by clicking on one of your AdSense ads. Your chances of relating to your reader will increase exponentially (possibly even more than the one you will make from the first visit).

Since our blog would interest so many people, the chance of earning something from AdSense as well on your blog is very good. A caution – Not all people have “cleanware” installed on their computers (or browsers). My advice is to just keep it simple and just get the headaches out of it.

I know I have made it sound really easy to do. I have not even scratched the surface considering all of the things involved in properly monetizing your blog. But, perhaps my next article will give you a better overall idea of the whole process and overview.