How to Build an Affiliate Marketing List with Great Copywriting

build an email list


It is every copywriter’s desire to own a large responsive mailing list. Yet, so few are able to reach the time, effort, and income that is required to do this.

Your list is your most valuable asset. It represents your top trustworthy customers who have taken the step to buy something from you. And it can also include people who are just saying, “I am interested in what you are selling.”

To make money from your list, you need formatting. Even if you aren’t realizing a killer income just yet, you need to start the process of building your list. Everyday it is easier for people to click away from your site than to subscribe to your mailing list.

People simply do not like waiting for information from affiliate or internet marketers. This is one of the biggest exasperating battles that make the web so frustrating.

A compelling heading of some sort is needed to convince visitors to give you their email address. This article will take a look at a powerful but very simple strategy, that thousands of marketers use just to get traffic to their site, and to build a list! You can do what I do.

Every time I finish a new article, I start a new e-mail campaign. Every time I am convinced that I received targeted traffic, I forward that traffic to my squeeze page. Here are 3 simple steps the professional marketers use.

1. Create a free gift – Such as a free report, audio, or video. It should be valuable enough to click the subscribe link on your site, and may well be downloaded over a period of days. Make sure your gift is actually worthwhile to people and that includes containing useful content.

2. Use the “powered by” Green Button – This is an automatic plug-in to use with WordPress plug-ins. They are very commonly downloaded for a reason. Simply put, it allows you to maximally maximize how much traffic you generate from your squeeze page. You can choose to install your own WordPress plug-ins to show additional points of the WordPress plug-in. The click-through is worth 100% of its value because it stimulates a physical action from your visitor.

3. Capture the personal information you need to see to build your sales funnel

You are Tube’s, Facebook’s, Ryze’s, etc modular of statistics; they planned erstwhile, and you can do the same!

Capture them by adding an opt-in form. Ask only for your visitor’s first name and maybe their email address.

All marketing pros use opt-in forms. If you sell lacrosse gear then join lacrosse forums.  It has been proven that you need to capture data from at least 50% of your visitors to build a list. Not everyone buys the first day, and one must keep in mind this fact. Although you want a responsive list, you want to make sure that you are sitting on your list at all times. Join every possible forum you can find.

I have sponsored three lists. I am convinced that my lists have the highest conversion rates, all of which involve when people respond to my opt-in form on the classified ad/work from home product I created.

People love to find deals, and you can make several times your money based on list size.

Every new product/email/product release that signs up people begins the process of courting and pre selling the new subscriber. By using the brass tokens, I paid $7 to get hundreds of people to my squeeze page each day.


Copywriting Formulas that Work

copywriting formulas


To get engagement with the people you need to sell your product to, you need their attention. To get that attention, to make it undivided, and under your complete control during the time that they spend looking at a sales pitch about your product you need proven copywriting tips. Copywriting is an art of writing that has been around for as long as there were people selling stuff. But after the win of capitalism over communism the amount and practice increased steadily. There are many copywriting tips out there and it can be a challenge to pick the ones that will work for you and your product or service in particular. That is why we have prepared quite a number of tasted copywriting tips in this article that should suit your needs. The formulas or tips discussed in this article are:

  1. AIDA
  2. BAB
  3. Who Else Wants…
  4. The Four Ps
  5. PAS
  6. The Secret Of
  7. ACCA
  8. FAB
  9. Little Known Solutions
  10. QUEST
  11. The Four U’s
  12. SLAP


Apart from being a very beautiful name, AIDA is an acronym that many copywriters might be already familiar with. The letters stand for:

A- Attention – some sentence or statement that rips the reader out of his or her comfort and straight into what you are offering

I- Interest – People like to be presented with new and interesting things about their lives and the things that they need

D- Desire – Make sure to let them know that they need something and that you are the one who knows how to give them what they desire

A- Action – And finally, make sure to let them know what to do to fulfill that desire, for example, a link to a product


The second on our list of copywriting tips is also an acronym BAB. It stands for:

B- Before – The first statement should paint a picture of the life of your users or customers.

A- After – You identify a problem in their lives and ask them what it would be like if they could rid themselves of that problem with a little bit of help, help that you offer.

B- Bridge – The final part of your message should be an introduction to the way in which they can bridge the gap between what their life is like and what their life should or could be if they listen to your solution to their problem.

copywriting tips

3 Who Else Wants…

The third on our list and finally one of many copywriting tips that are not an acronym. This tip is similar to your usual “How to” post. You have to identify the needs of your users or customers. And with a simple title that starts with Who Else Wants X you can attract their attention without much effort. Be sure to use a lot of very fine descriptive language. Put yourself in their shoes. Be sure to show how you were also in their shoes once before but managed to turn things around. These types of copywriting tips are more common in the fitness industry. For example:

“Who Else Wants a firm butt”

“Who Else Wants a Small Waist”

“Who Else Wants Broad Shoulders”

“Who Else Wants Big Arms”

4 The Four P’s

This writing tip is actually a two in one solution.

The first solution or formula was coined by Henry Hoke Senior. It goes something like this:

Picture – Create some sort of image of the present or future, something that is either a thing that you think people need or have a problem with currently.

Promise – You make sure that if they follow your tips or solutions that they will no longer be stuck in that unwanted present or that with your help they will be set towards their desired future in no time and with less energy wasted.

Prove – Find ways to make people think that your solutions really work. The best way to do so is to find examples of real people in real life situations who have been helped by your approach to their problems or aspirations.

Push – Now it’s time for them to take action, encourage them that they are indeed capable of doing everything that is needed and join your affiliate, click your link, or buy your product.

The second solution is really similar but replaces some words, for example, the Four P’s stand for





It is similar but as you can see, this second approach is much more problem-based. It thinks that presenting something as a problem will make people much more likely to take action and do something. On the other hand, a proposal sounds a lot nicer than a push, which in some parts of the world or culture, might be seen as too aggressive.


The fifth tip on our list of the best and proven copywriting tips out there is another very famous acronym. The three letters PAS stand for:

P- Problem – Start by identifying problem users or customers might have

A- Agitate – Agitate the problem by presenting its real severity and the possible impact that it might have on them

S- Solution – The third and final part of this formula is when and where you lead them “into the promised land”. In other words, you show them that you offer the ideal, ultimate solution for that nagging, ever-present issue in their lives.

If we were to do research that looked at various copywriting tips and find one that has prevalent use among social media posts, the PAS would probably be the MVP of that list.

copywriting secrets

6 The Secret Of

There is some form of innate need in everyone to belong to something rare, unknown, secretive. People like to feel special, to know what only a handful of people know. That is probably the reason why conspiracy theories are so popular. It is also why Gnosticism and similar religions that were influenced by it, were so popular and still raise and fall even 2500 years after the first Gnostic texts. People want to be in something that only a few have the right or privilege of.

This tip or formula can be used in almost everything. Let’s look at some titles that are featured in various commercials, blog posts, etc.

“The Secret of Looking 10 years younger”

“The Secret of Steph Curry’s Jumper”

“The Secret of Tom Brady’s Leadership”

“The Secret of Steve Nash’s court vision”

“The Secret of Ronaldo’s Ball Control”

“The Secret of running a successful Pet store”

“The secret Restaurant Equipment for Sale


Seventh on our list of wonderful copywriting tips is another acronym that is fairly easy to remember. The letter ACCA stands for

A – Awareness – There is a problem, with wide-ranging consequences, for your audience that they are not aware of.

C – Comprehension – This problem has a lot of levels and depths to it, make sure that you describe and explain every single one of them to the best of your abilities.

C – Conviction – Make them believe that the solution is in their hands, that they need just a bit of faith or conviction in themselves to help solve this problem.

A – Action – And finally, make sure to direct their newfound hope, will, and conviction towards action that helps.

This copywriting formula is mostly used by charities or other organizations that need to arouse a sense of compassion out of people. At times we all think that we had it rough, but it is copywriting tips like this one that can help people realize just how good their life really is.


This copywriting formula stands for:

F- Feature– You have a service or item that you want to sell or get noticed by people, so you describe it and every single positive that it could bring to the potential customer

A – Advantages – Sure, there are other products out there, but in the second part of this formula you take care to explain what the advantages of your product or service are.

B – Benefits – The use and appliance of your product or service will be life-changing for them. Describe and enumerate as best as you can the numerous benefits they will enjoy as soon as they start using your item or service.

One of those newer copywriting tips that take a novel approach of “It’s not important what it is, but what it does.”

9 Little Known Solutions

People might and often assume that just because something is popular it is also the best. That is not necessarily the case, and there are a lot of people whose automatic judgment may be to push for the little known as the superior option. This is where the number 9 tip on our list of proven copywriting tips comes in. Known as “Little Known Solutions to X”, this formula makes people believe that they are about to be part of a secret club. In addition to that, it can also make them reach for their wallets faster because it also states that the rarity of X makes it more desirable.

Successful copywriting tips make people feel good, special, and unique about themselves. A couple of example of this formula are:

“Little Known Ways to Make Gardening More Fun”

“Little Known Ways to rekindle Passion in your Marriage”

“Little Known Ways to keep your New Year’s Resolutions”


You might not have noticed, but copywriting tips sometimes come with an acronym. The same is true about the tenth entry on our list of copywriting tips or formulas, QUEST. The letters stand for

Q – Qualify – The first step is to understand what your product or service is and who needs it, followed by the introduction as to why your product or service is the one to go

U – Understand -Make them feel like you know where they are, that their current issue was also your issue.

E – Educate – Show them what you have learned, tell them about every single way that you used to solve the issue at hand.

S – Stimulate – Praise your ways, show examples and proofs that will motivate or stimulate them to give your way a chance

T – Transition – Show them the way to become your customers. Now they are only people reading a post or ad, but once they try your product they will become different people, better people.

11 The Four U’s

The UUUU or the Four U’s principle stands for:

Useful – The first of the Four U’s is knowing that you need to be useful. Readers don’t have too much time to waste, so make their time count.

Urgency – make sure to make them believe that there needs to be action right away. Your product is limited, or something is so popular that it is flying off shelves. Even if you apply this to blog posts it can work. Just convince the readers that they will benefit from this post as soon as they read it.

Unique – Be sure to convince them that what you are offering is unique in the way that it will benefit them. People might see similar but the effects will be superior.

Ultra Specific – Be very detailed, as much as possible, ultra-specific about the three U’s that we mentioned earlier.

The creator of this copywriting tip was non-other than business guru Michael Masterson. He showed just how effective it can be when it is used or headlines or titles.


The last entry on our list of the best copywriting tips and formulas is another acronym SLAP. It stands for:

S – Stop – Makes sure that you create something, like a title.

L – Look -that Title will make your audience stop and want to explore what you offer.

A – Act – Those two should make their mind eager for more and to find out more they will have to do what our final step implies

P – Purchase – THe final effect of this copywriting tip is making sure that the readers will go out and buy what you have to offer.

When you want to write a book blurb, for example, you can choose this formula.

How to do copywriting for an Architect

copywriting for an architect


The term copywriting refers to the process of giving a tagline or a description in order to captivate, entice, and educate. Bruce Brendinger states that copywriting is a skilled craft, a job, verbal carpentry, and salesmanship.

The architect deals with a number of stakeholders in the industry, and communication is at the heart of this. Such stakeholders include the government, other professionals in the private sector, potential clients, clients, and the public.

This article is going to guide you on architect copywriting.

How to do copywriting for an Architect

As an architect, you need copywriting in order to present the cost of the project. You do not need to do this to your clients alone. Rather, make it a matter of public domain where the American public can access the page without any restriction.

Many Americans struggle with making a decision of the cost of constructions. As a matter of fact, there is a feeling of fear among many Americans when it comes to building and construction projects. Many feel that such projects are way too expensive and could turn out to be a white elephant.

It is important that construction teams start looking for tenants and early enough. This is because such an initiative will translate to a situation where the owners starting earning an income early enough.

In many instances, architects are going to be in need of presenting data and information to stakeholders. This has to be done in a clear and highly engaging way. In addition to that, data and statistics can be boring, but with the right presentation, they can be enjoyable to the readers.

When making a presentation, the formatting of the data and information presented matters a lot. You must be sure to include the headings, subheadings, and the captions. Moreover, you need to ensure that the notes are clear and readable.

The question then becomes how to best present the data and information in a way that stakeholders can understand. For example, as a professional, not everyone understands your industry and your niche. Therefore, you cannot use jargon, and you cannot use complex data in the process of communication.

A copywriter for your architectural engagement or BIM Architecture will assist you in the art of communication. The most important thing is that he or she will help you choose the words to use in a presentation session.

Unfortunately, the US has experienced various cases of discrimination. Whereas you are not such a person, you could say a word innocently, only to realize that it is offensive to some people. A copywriter will edit any offensive word, and help you look for better wording that is more appropriate. What is important is to prevent damage before it occurs. Otherwise, if you start with damage, then it becomes very difficult to repair such damage.

As an architect, every project that you carry out is going to give you a marketing advantage in the future. So, how do you keep a record of your current project? You will need to write about your experiences in the project. For example, if you admit about the mistakes that you made, then you are going to be trusted by their clients, and they will feel that you are realistic in your work.

Copywriting could help you a lot when you are dealing with a public relations crisis. In such a time, every word that you present to the audience could make or break the company. It is important that a problem is addressed head on. In such a circumstance, what matters is the words and phrases which are used.

Copywriting will help you in the preparation of testimonials. The testimonial is how your company has interacted with your company and their experience. They are a part and parcel of marketing, and play a critical role in selling you out to potential buyers.

When you are writing a copy, there are critical questions that you must answer, and these include the following:

-Why are you writing the copy?

-Who is the targeted reader of the copy?

-When is the best time to release the copy?

-What is the overall goal of the copy?

Like a goldfish, an online reader can have a short concentration span. As a matter of fact, some readers check content when they are on the run. Therefore, the most important data and information should be captured at the beginning of the content. If you fail to do this, your audience may bypass it.

As far as possible, the keywords and the most important phrases should be highlighted. For example, the use of bolding plays an important role in creating emphasis and stating what is the most important. Similarly, it is critical that one employs economy of words in order to minimize the number of words used in a copy.

You need to be honest when doing architect copywriting. For example, the use of clickbait can be dishonest and misleading. Online readers do not like being duped, and it is important that you are honest right away. In short, the title of the content should match the content discussed in the body of the copy.

copywriting for architecture firm

Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization

As an architect, you need to be very careful about how your websites looks like. In other words, be careful about the aesthetics of the website. Online visitors can be picky. When they find that your website is not looking professional, they can dismiss you as unprofessional too.

You can exploit the power of the website in order to make an appeal to the online visitors. You have to present it professionally, and aesthetically appealing.

A copywriter could go through your already written content and offer you constructive criticism. You can therefore use these same comments in order to make constant improvement on your website.

There is no need for embarking on big projects, projects that cannot be found on Google. If this is the case, you are going to limit your potential client base. You need to have well-shot images that are going to have an impact in your marketing agenda.

Most of the American consumers start with making a search when they decide to buy a product or a service. Therefore, you need to position yourself as a competent professional through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO will ensure that you are more visible when it comes to the highly competitive industry.

You need copywriting when making an outreach about your products and services. Outreaches are an effective strategy of going to the community to sell your project. If you carry out a successful outreach, the community is going to be aware of the project you are dealing with. Remember, as an architect, the decisions that you make will directly affect the community.

Ways of carrying out a successful outreach to the community include writing of eBooks, use of podcasts, use of email campaigns, use of newsletters, and carrying out of a public campaign.

High quality writing helps your website to rank high on the search engines. The right SEO is going to rank high. Online visitors have a high preference on the websites that rank favorably. With competition increasing among architectural companies, it is important that you compete favorably through the search engines.

Your website should capture how you run the business. For example, you should clearly state about the question of payment. There are three main methods of payment that architects charge:

-A percentage of the total

-An hourly charge

-Pay per square foot

Such information has to be prepared in a very clear manner. This is because readers use such data in order to make a decision. Clients visit such a page for the purpose of comparison.

how to hire an architect copywriter

Why Hire a Copywriter

It is possible for you to write for your architecture business. However, this is going to take a lot of time and energy. Again, much as you are a professional in architecture, you are not a professional in writing. The simple mistakes that you make could mean a lot to your business, and could damage your professional reputation. Again, copywriting is a deep skill that can take years to master.

Rather than writing your own copies to address the public relations crisis, seek the help of a professional who will guide you on the best way of phrasing the words. Words can carry different meanings depending on their usage, and you need to be careful on the choices you make for your architect copywriting.

You are not going to engage in writing every single day. As a matter of fact, copy writing could be a peripheral activity to your business. In such a case, then, you do not need to hire a full-time copywriter. The best thing to do is to outsource such work and hire a copy-writer. Such a choice is cheaper in the end.

Being close to your architecture business means that you can understand it. Whereas this could be a positive thing, it could be a negative thing to. This is because of the possibility that you could be subjective in your analysis. If you hire a copywriter, he or she will look at your business from outside, and make an objective analysis. An external observer can also help you understand some things that you could otherwise not understand.

You cannot adopt a one-size fits all copywriting. You cannot borrow sentences written by the competitors and group them together in your website. Rather, you would rather have a customized copy of your business. Different businesses have different needs and preferences. Therefore, one cannot borrow a copy from another business and use it verbatim.

A professional copywriter will help you write a copy that suits your business. Such a copy is going to be unique and will not imitate what others are doing. The copy writer is going to evaluate the specific needs of the business. When clients realize that your business is showing a unique appeal, then they are going to feel more comfortable reading your content.

For example, clients with large and complex construction projects may prefer the use of computer-aided drafting. Similarly, there are some clients who are on the look-out for green products, services, and solutions. In other words, clients are going to ask for specific things but a generalist approach is not an effective approach.

How to Hire a Copywriter

If you want your architect copywriting done well, you have to think about how to get the right copy writer. As an architect, you have to be careful about who you hire for your copywriting. The copywriting business does not have standard guidelines, there are no high barriers to entry, and the industry has been colonized by different professionals. In such a complex environment, it is your responsibility to identify the right copy writer.

Before you hire a copywriter, it is important that if you evaluate if you are going to need one. This is a service that you are going to pay for. Whatever business decision that you make, stick to your budget. However, if you feel that you need one, then avoid DIY. DIY would rarely lead to a professional service.

It is critical that you evaluate if the copywriter is interested and excited about your business mandate. If he or she is not, the enthusiasm required is not going to be sustained, and there could be communication problems along the way.


In the coming few years, the field of architecture will continue to grow in leaps and bounds. The construction industry is one of the most stable sectors in the American market. If you invest in the sector, you can never go wrong.

In such a case, the best thing is to position you to benefit from a share of the market. One of the best ways you can do this is having an effective copywriting service. Whether it is done in-house, or outsourced, it has to be professional. Overall, a well-planned copywriting service will go a long way in helping the architecture.


How to Write Conversion Ads for a Contractor

contractor marketing strategy


A successful marketing strategy is a multidimensional one that combines different approaches, tactics, processes, and methods to impress potential customers, generate leads, and increase sales and profits. Whatever might be your marketing strategy as a contractor, you need to be consistent with your copy wiring to become successful in your efforts. Conversion copywriting always attracts customers and convert them to leads.

No matter whether you want to run a PPC campaign, implement an SEO strategy, or develop a social media engagement plan for your contractor business, you need to learn how to write good copy. That is to say, you must learn how to create conversion ads to build your brand and grow your business.

Any marketing plan wouldn’t be successful without good copywriting. Irrespective of the marketing strategy you employ, the ability to communicate and connect with the audience decides your success. So, you need to learn the art of conversion copywriting. Let us explore and find out how to write conversion ads for a contractor.


conversion copywriting for contractors

An overview of copywriting in marketing

Generally speaking, copywriting in marketing is the content you need to create for marketing outside your content marketing plan. Your blogs and articles for social media channels and other relevant sources come under the category of the content marketing plan. Copywriting includes the content you need to create for:

– Product descriptions

– Landing pages

– Direct email campaigns

– Banner ads and more

Now, let us assess things a bit deeper. Imagine that you have managed to make your site visible through Google Adwords or organic search for visitors. For example, if you run a sandblasting company in Jacksonville, FL someone does a search for sandblasting Jacksonville FL, so, people have found your site, and they are about to reach your landing page. A landing page is a gateway where you need to make a strong impression on visitors with good copywriting skills.

With strong conversion copywriting skills, you can motivate visitors to sign up for your newsletter, encourage them to make a buying decision, or drive them to perform many other conversion-oriented actions.

Now, let us assess the features of successful direct mail or email. With the help of good copywriting skills, you can make your email conversational and convincing. It is always advisable to use brief and clear content that speaks directly to a particular audience. Impressive direct emails reengage people with your brand who have already made a purchase. Also, these emails send a more engaging invitation for visitors who have signed up for your emails.

copy for contractors

Basic features of conversion copywriting

The primary tone of your copy must be friendly and helpful. In addition to being supportive and friendly, it has to describe a problem and position your product contract business as a solution. As mentioned above, a successful direct email also comes with a call to action. This approach assists visitors in getting closer to finding a solution to that issue.

word choice for contractor copywriting

Powerful messages elicit immediate actions

It is a fact that you need to integrate a sleek user-experience design, perfect placement of CTA buttons, and captivating images to create a streamlined path to purchase. However, the words you choose to convey your messages are the most vital influencing factor to convince your prospective customers. In other words, conversion copywriting is what matters most in marketing.

The key is to choose the right words carefully and harmoniously arrange them. This is what exactly conversion copywriting is all about. It helps you create the most powerful messages that elicit immediate actions from your prospects.

copywriting marketing for contractor companies

The difference between traditional copywriting and conversion copywriting

Both methods utilize words smartly to communicate with the audience. The basic difference is the more narrowed focus of conversion copywriting. Irrespective of the content type, a singular objective dominates the conversion copywriting. If you want to generate the maximum number of customers for your contract business, you should create simple yet tempting messages.

Smart and effective conversion copywriting focuses on offering the right message at the right time. It also targets the right audience to deliver outstanding results. If you are a contractor who does not know how to create a powerful copywriting message, you need to hire a professional copywriter with a good track record. When it comes to hiring a professional conversion copywriter, you need to be aware of these important aspects:

– Experience level

– Track record

– Price

– Area of expertise

– Timeliness

conversion ads for contracting company

Experienced conversion copywriters focus on a single action

How to write conversion ads for a contractor? You need to focus on a single action if you want to create conversion copywriting ads that convert instantly. The best method of approach is to stay specific. With a clear focus on a single action, you need to blend words and phrases harmoniously. The unique selling points of the contractor business should be conveyed smoothly and convincingly in simple terms.

A unique blend of acute scientific analysis and excellent creative flair

The right selection and placement of words easily persuade people to take an action. Conversion copywriting is a combination of acute scientific analysis and excellent creative flair. This unique blend leads to powerful and sharp ad creations that move your target audience and motivate them to take action.

Vital ingredients of conversion copywriting

You should never think that creating an impressive conversion copy is an easy process. Creating attention-grabbing content that encourages people to take an action requires some effort. If you want to create a stunning copy, you should learn the art and science of conversion copywriting. You can channel your inner crazy professor in you once you get to know what exactly your readers want by following a scientific process.

Firstly, learn what your customers want. As mentioned above, you must follow a scientific process. Then, you can allow the nutty professor in you to be a bit creative when it comes to structuring and implementing your message. What does it mean? Conversion copywriting is a combination of art and science.

Important questions you need to ask before writing a copy

1. Why am I writing this copy?

2. What is my actionable objective or goal?

3. How are you going to motivate your prospects to take action?

4. What is my target audience as a contractor?

5. What is the problem that my prospects face?

6. How am I going to solve their problem?

These are the most important questions you have to ask yourself before venturing into the task of writing a conversion copywriting ad for your business.

advertising writing for contractors

Understanding expectations is extremely critical

You need to understand the expectations of your prospective customers before start writing conversion ad for a contractor. Every visitor has a problem to deal with. You have to position each visitor at a different stage based on their current situation.

For example, some people might have discovered recently that they have an issue to handle or address. Some others may have awareness about the kind of solution they require. There could be some visitors who have already hired you as a contractor.

So, you can categorize your visitors based on the different phases of awareness they have about your business. These stages of awareness are very critical when it comes to writing conversion ads for a contractor. You must have a clear idea about which stage your prospective customers are positioned. This awareness helps you target them with the right message at the right time. That is to say, you have to create your copy based on the stage of awareness your customers are at.

Eugene Schwartz is known as one of the most legendary conversion copywriters the world has ever seen. His monumental achievements in the area of conversion copywriting speak volumes about the genius of this man. According to him, there are five basic stages of awareness, namely:

– Most aware

– Product/service aware

– Solution aware

– Problem aware

– Unaware

Let us discuss these stages one by one to give you more insights on how to write inspiring conversion ads for a contractor.

Most Aware

These are people who are familiar with your business and trust your services. This category might have even hired you in the past. Providing the latest information about your services and prices, you can keep them in the loop.

Product/service Aware

This category of people knows about the services you offer. Most likely, they are comparing your services to the solutions offered by your competitors to discover the most efficient and smart deal. When you are dealing with them, you have to use a different strategy. You can expect a fast response if you come up with a direct offer. All it needs a simple push like offering a discount to motivate them and accept your offer.

Solution Aware

What is the unique feature of this solution aware category? Visitors, who belong to this category, are aware of the issue at hand. They are also aware of the solution to address this problem. However, they couldn’t still manage to discover a perfect solution that meets their expectations. With excellent conversion copywriting, you should convince them why your services are superior to the solutions offered by your competitors. As a contractor, you should come up with relevant evidence and facts that make your services unique and beneficial.

Problem Aware

The problem aware category is aware of the fact they have a problem. However, they don’t have any idea about the solution to address the problem. These people are always on the lookout for a solution. Offering them content that aggravates their problem, you can create an impression that they need an immediate solution. Then, you can provide an inspiring conversion copy that presents a solution. It is the best method of approach to handle these people.


All other people, who don’t belong to the above-mentioned categories, can be branded as an unaware community. These people neither have an issue nor in search of a solution.

If you have a clear cut idea about all these stages, you can write impactful conversion ads for a contractor. Experienced copywriters create content based on the stages of awareness. On a fundamental level, this aspect dominates the focus of your copy. It also makes an impact on the copy length.

know your audience for contractor copywriting

Know what your audience wants with implicit data

You need to gather some implicit data to understand what exactly you are searching for. It is not about the opinions of the people that state whether you are a good or bad contractor. The focus is primarily on four important aspects, namely:

– Your brand name as a contractor

– Types of services you offer

– Competitors in your niche

– Services your competitors offer

When it comes to conducting a search on implicit data, you have to look at the problem your prospective customer encounters. The next thing is to analyze the benefits of solving the problem that your prospect faces. You must also assess the shortfalls, which refer to what your prospects want but don’t have any access to it currently.

Language is a very vital aspect as well. You have to check out for any exceptionally good phrases or wordings that help you make a strong impact on prospects. You have to collect implicit data using different methods, including social listening, review mining, and forums and comment sites.

Gathering explicit data is also needed

It is hard to find a better way to create a clear idea about the problems of your prospects than to ask them. You have to ask the right questions to make your conversion copywriting unique and impressive. You can make use of different types of survey methods, including Google surveys with an incentive, making use of customer decision analysis tools, and email surveys.

When you find what is important and relevant, you can make your conversion copywriting optimally convincing. You can find different types of tried and tested formulas to rely on while writing a conversion copy. The most prominent ones are AIDA and PAS. Experienced copywriters make use of these formulas side by side with the research conducted to structure the copywriting message with a powerful impact.

Once you create a copy, you must make the necessary edits to make it more attractive and engaging. It is necessary to eliminate unwanted linking words and adding more power words. When you focus on all these aspects with discipline, you can write a highly effective conversion ad for a contractor.


How to Copy write for a Welder and a Welder’s website

copywriting for welding


Welding is one of the most viable and sustainable professions which can help you earn a steady income. Almost every home and every business will need specialty welding services at one time or the other. It is a profession where very few are willing to try. This makes it one of the most desirable professions to have.

This article will guide you on how to write copy for a welder and how to ensure that your website, as a welder, is appealing and consequential.


website for a welder

Why Go Online

Much as welding is a highly marketable profession, there is stiff competition that is observed in the industry. Therefore, you need to find ways of tapping up the potential those new clients can bring to your business. In short, do not stay in a comfort zone. Rather, look for ways through which you can push your marketing agenda, and think about how best to attain a competitive edge in the market.

Having a website could as well be one of the most important initiatives in running a welding business. Ensure that the contact details in your website are clearly visible. A contact form plays a critical role in enhancing the performance of the welding business. Similarly, the functionality of the website plays a critical role in enhancing the marketing strategy of your welding business.

But perhaps, it is how you write your copy that matters most in selling your welding business. The copy you write have to be of high quality and appealing to your reader. In addition to that, the copies you write should resonate with the reader.

welding business copywriting

How to Copy write for a Welder and a Welder’s website

When you are writing copy for your website, aim to win the hearts of other construction companies, engineers, and repair shops. This is because they are a major source of business, and can be of much help in networking. Moreover, such professionals have a high standard of quality and they are going to challenge you to be better.

The profession of a welder is one general profession, but you can branch down to various areas of specialization. Anything that is made of metal could be welded. Therefore, if you identified various areas that you could branch down your trade, then be sure to state so. For example, you could have deep knowledge on the best ways of welding of planes.

The following are major opportunities for welding that you can consider, and your welding copy writing should reflect the same:

Infrastructure: welding of structures, making of buildings, and preparing construction buildings

The transportation sector: These include rail, automotive, maritime, and aerospace

Manufacturing: These include robotics, production, and fabrication

Industrial welding: These include power generation and mechanical maintenance

Long-form articles play a critical role in advancing the marketing objectives of the business. Clients who are looking for specific information are more likely going to prefer long-form content rather than short articles. With long-form content, you have an opportunity to roll out a comprehensive explanation of welding issues. There is enough opportunity to demystify complex welding problems that face the market.

soft skills in welding

The Need for Soft Skills

Your soft skills will play a critical role in reaching out to the clients. Welding is not only a science but an art too. In order to make an effective appeal to the clients, you need to show them the soft skills that you do possess. Hard skills cannot do much without the continued support of soft skills.

Communication skills are perhaps the strongest soft skills that a professional is supposed to have. You should be able to communicate to online visitors. Most importantly, you should be able to digest complex terms in a way that a layman can understand. For example, look for an official way on how best you can address criticism. If your customers complain, do not sweep the issues under the carpet. Rather, confront the issues head-on, and promise that you are going to rectify the situation.

Adaptability is a major characteristic in the welding profession. Do not be static; rather, be sure to embrace change when it comes. Be ready to learn new skills in the welding profession, and you are definitely going to adapt to a new environment.

Critical thinking is a soft skills that cuts across all professions. In critical thinking, a professional uses reasoning as well as logic in order to seek alternative solutions to problems. In critical thinking, one seeks a solution to problem without necessarily relying on mainstream methods of problem solving.

Active listening is a very important process of welding. In active listening, you are going to listen to what others are saying, and make sure that you respond accordingly. In addition to that, you are going to have a deep understanding of each point made, and meet the expectations of the client.


resume for welder


As a welder, you will find that you are going to need to send a resume. Perhaps, you could be on the lookout for a better job. In addition to that, you could be seeking out investors to assist you in a certain project. Peruse through the internet in order to evaluate how to write a professional resume, and make sure that you write one.

It should be noted that there are other terms which are related to welding, or serve almost the same purpose as welding. These include brazers, solderers, fabricators, and metal workers. You can proceed to use any term depending on where you are sending your portfolio. However, you should never lie in your resume. If it is found that you are lying, you are not going to be trusted any more, and you could lose your job and contract.

email copywriting for welder

Forms for Copy Writing for Welding

The writing of emails is now a common practice in professions, and welding is not an exception. For instance, a client who is located outside the country could instruct you on what you should do in his premises. Remember to have a dedicated email address for the workplace, and do not use your personal email address in work. Furthermore, have a habit of reading and responding to your emails. Perhaps, dedicate the first hour in the morning for reading and replying to your emails.

Email marketing has taken as prominent role in the day to day marketing of welding shops. Welders understand that clients who share their email have a lot of trust in the welders. This is unlike other options such as the social media where there is no much commitment shown. The market offers ample opportunities for an email newsletter program, and you can exploit these opportunities.

Apt professionals do record unique case studies that they noticed in the course of their work. For instance, some of the welding projects could have a set of challenges that require creativity in order to solve the problem in question.

As a welder, have a habit of carrying a business card. Having a business card shows that you are committed to your carrier. Another critical reason why you need a business card is that you are going to seek a referral. By having a bunch of them, you are going to hand them out to people who are willing to introduce you to others.

Like a university which prepares a brochure to market its esteemed courses, you definitely need a welding brochure that will present what you offer. A brochure will capture the critical elements of your institution, and what you offer. This applies, mainly, to welding businesses which offer courses and apprenticeship.


keywords for welder


Keywords are a critical component of your welder copy writing. Key words to include in your welding copy writing include the following:

-Welder shop near me

-Affordable welding services

-High quality welding services

b2b marketing for welding

B2B Businesses

B2B marketing is not common in welding, but that does not in any way mean that you cannot give it a trial. You can write content those appeals to seeking an opportunity of an influencer. It estimated that influencer marketing has 11 times return on investment when compared to traditional marketing.

As a welder, have a strong network for your welding business. For example, you could attend seminars and conferences on the best practices in welding. If you can attend online refresher courses, then do so. The more exposure you seek, the better the opportunities of selling your business.

You should understand that welding is not mutually exclusive and there are other related economic activities that one can do. For example, it is possible to compliment welding with woodworking and textile.

copywriter for welding

Why Hire a Copy Writer

A welding business is a highly demanding business. You are going to receive many calls, and you are expected to respond to those calls in the soonest time possible. Rather than doing copy writing on your own and produce a half-baked work, why not consider hiring a professional copy writer?

A professional copy writer has dealt with a variety of writing cases, including complex cases. Therefore, he or she will be in a position to use that experience in order to help you in the best way possible.

Hiring a professional copy writer will ensure that your final writing copy is refined. In addition to that, your clients are going to appreciate the writing, and this is going to lead to conversion. A poor written copy, and grammar mistakes, will alienate your online visitors.

hiring a copywriter for welding

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Professional Copy Writer

The first thing that you should consider when hiring a professional copy writer is the experience that one has in the welding business. It goes without saying that the professional that you choose should be experienced in welder copywriting business. Such a professional will have a deep understanding of the jargon and how to use it for optimal outcomes.

Second, it is very important that you check the reputation of the copy writer. The social media is an effective platform of collecting evidence. Variables and parameters that you should check include the following:

-What are others saying about the cost versus outcomes?

-What are others saying about the ability of the copywriter to meet deadlines?

-How available is the copy writer when needs be?

As a welder, you should engage in professional activities that you can afford. As far as possible, avoid having debt. When you have debt, you incur a lot of cost in interest and possible penalties. Ensure that the copy writer you hire for your services is affordable, and is able to offer you products and services within your budget.

It is important that you ask your friends and relatives on the best way to source a professional welder copywriting professional. Most likely, they have used one before, and they will not hesitate to recommend one for you. In addition to that, they can tell you in advance if they feel that a certain professional is not worth it.

welding future

The Future of the Welding Profession

The future of welding as a profession is optimistic. It is estimated that between 2020 and 2024, welding, and related professions, will record a growth of 4 % to 7 %. That is quite a sustained growth, and you should take advantage of the opportunities that will come with it. At the same time, do note that not many welders are going to enter the market. After all, not many Americans are willing to join the welding profession. Such an attitude is going to leave a lot of space for growth and the opportunity to earn a steady income.


Copy writing for welders is no longer a preference, but rather, a necessity. If you would like to stand out among the others in the welding business, then you need to understand that copy writing must be done in a professional manner. Welder copy writing will give you a competitive advantage. Overall, a copy writer will help you to achieve concrete marketing objectives.


How to write Copy for an Appliance Store

copywriting for appliances


Starting your own business will help you become your own boss. You do not have to answer to someone, and you will work in freedom. Starting an appliance store is one of the most viable and sustainable businesses that you can have. A big population of the people does use appliances almost every day.

In the last three years, the appliances sector has recorded a growth of 2.8 % annually. If the current statistics are anything to go by, the industry is going to grow, significantly. Home owners will be seeking to make a replacement of their old appliances. This is a market opportunity that you can tap.

Writing a good copy stands a long way in helping you to increase the marketability of your appliance store. This article shows is going to guide you on appliance store copywriting.

appliance store copywriting

How to write Copy for an Appliance Store

When you open an appliance store, the value of good writing cannot be under-estimated. As a matter of fact, you start writing from the time of creating a title for your store. To state the obvious, the title has to be grammatically correct. In addition to that, it has to be catchy to passers-by and to your internet platforms. Therefore, appliance store copywriting should start with the aesthetics of the business including the business name.

As you think about writing a copy for your appliances store, think about the positioning strategy that you are going to adopt. The positioning strategy should be coherent and should be aligned to the overall business plan. Your copy should be in alignment with the goals and objectives of the business.

In connection to this, you have to identify your target customers. In other words, it is about the most appealing features to the individual buyers. In order to achieve this, you need to break down the main characteristics of the buyers. Moreover, think about the most valuable things to the customers.

The following are some questions that you should ask yourself regarding the target customers:

-How am I able to solve their problems?

-What are the most common issues facing your online visitors?

-Are your clients satisfied?

-Would your clients make a recommendation to their relatives and friends about your product or service?

When you write a copy for your appliance store, ensure that you present your unique selling points. For example, some home owners are looking for used products because they help one to save on the cost of the appliances. If this is a product or service that you offer, then be sure to state the favorable price and be sure to offer high quality.

Similarly, if you offer transport or specialized equipment, be sure to state that you provide the same. An increasing number of home owners get worried over how best to transport to transport the appliances. Some of the appliances are delicate in nature. If you show your clients that you are willing to help them solve this problem, then you are going to stand out among your peers.

The copy that you write should capture your brand identity and consequently communicate a positive image to the clients. Reputation management is a big part of running the business, and you can use copywriting in order to defend the reputation of your business. Whereas every business can face a public relations nightmare, what matters is the ways of response, and the methods of rectification.

Prior to writing copies, you should think about the role that research and development in sales and marketing. This is mainly done through market research. It helps you identify the needs of the society and the gaps that the market has not filled. A questionnaire can be used in order to measure the mood of the clients concerning a certain product and services. With the completion of such a research, then you are going to know how you are going to tailor your message.

There are words which you can use, which can be used to trigger emotions on the readers. When emotions are captured in an effective way, there is an increase in sales. Jon Morrow, a professional at SmartBlogger, has identified a number of power words, and these include the following:





The copy you write should capture a brand identity. A creative and professional web design ensures that a service business achieves high sales, whether it is online or offline. Elements which can help in creating a recognizable brand include the right message, logo design, and the right team.

Much as you want to capture a lot of information in your copy, ensure that your copy is not too long. Online visitors do not have a long concentration span. Take the example of online visitors who is browsing when commuting; the use of the internet ends there, when one arrives the place of destination. It is estimated that only 16 % of online visitors read copies word by word.

You need to do a comprehensive tracking in order to know if your copywriting is working. There are ample Google tools which can help you in ranking. Google Search Console stands out in this. Measuring the performance of your copywriting will help to show that you are a professional in the field.

Google tracking allows online users to track traffic and the dynamics shaping their website. As a matter of fact, one can track both the mobile and web conversions. Therefore, you will be able to check which part of your appliances attracts the highest conversion and which one needs making a drastic improvement.


The Role of Search Engine Optimization

The internet has become the first place of searching a product or service. Therefore, the value of SEO cannot be under-estimated in helping the business owner improve the ranking of a website. The higher the ranking of your website in the search engines, the higher the probability that one is going to attract consistent traffic. When you aim at optimizing your website, you need to think about the most appropriate keywords that you can use in order to reach out to your clients.

The following are just a few keywords that can help you portray your business as an ideal choice for appliances solutions:

-appliances near me

-affordable refrigerator

-discount appliances this month

-Wal-Mart appliances

When it comes to SEO and copywriting, the role of local SEO cannot be under-estimated. Yellow pages no longer work, and Google continues to colonize the search industry. Local SEO helps you to take advantage of a targeted campaign for the general benefit of your business. When a business is doing bad, it is the local clients who sustain it most.

Again, local SEO helps one to meet the urgency of a client. For example, someone with a broken freezer is not going to wait too long to have it repaired. At the same time, such a person is going to look for a professional who is near his or her home.

There are community members who feel that they have an obligation to support local businesses. Therefore, if you live in such a community, take advantage of that and emphasize on a local marketing strategy. And as the others in the community support you, support others too.

write a great service page

How to Write a Service Page

If you own an appliance store, then you definitely need a service page. One of the things that you should show in your writing is presenting yourself as unique and ideal appliances businesses. Do not lie about this. Note that customers get alienated by exaggeration, and they want to know the truth about what you are offering. Again, you could be on the wrong side of the law if , by any chance, your advertising is seen as misleading.

You need to present yourself as having a competent team of professionals. You need to have a detailed portfolio of your employees, or at least a few of them. This will help you state that your business has highly skilled employees. Ensure that your employees attend refresher courses which will help them get updated in the latest dynamics shaping the appliances industry.

It does not help to have a strong variance in the prices of your stock. If you adopt a high price, you are not going to attract a lot of clients. On the contrary, you are going to lose your customers. It is better if you offered affordable prices in order to attract the clients and create a stream of reliable customers.

hire a copywriter

Why Hire a Professional Copywriter

It is not difficult to write copies for your appliance store. However, there are various challenges that come with the same. To start with, running an appliance store can be draining and you may not have the necessary skills and expertise. Consequently, one may not have sufficient time to write copies.

A professional copy writer goes a long way in helping you write a professional copy. He or she has the relevant skills and experience in order to serve you. You need to appreciate that such professionals have accumulated vast experience in the industry. Therefore, they are going to offer you the best in appliance store copywriting.

Hiring a copywriter means that you are bringing in an intelligent person. The professional is going to bring in a fresh perspective in the work that is going to be done. Such professionals understand the most effective ways of solving complex problems facing the copywriting business.

You need to appreciate that marketing is about persuasion. You may good in running an appliances business, but you may not be good in the art of persuasion. A professional copywriter is going to create enticing content that will stand out in the competition. The following are ways through which professional copywriters establish persuasion in marketing:

-Showing empathy and an understanding of the problem of the online visitor

-Using the right sentence structure and word choice in order to convey passion

-The increase of legitimacy for social proof

-Communication of the genuine value of a product or a service

A copywriter may come at a cost, but he or she will bring in value for the money. You are going to have a good copy done, and done professionally for that matter. A copywriter writes for a living, and therein comes a lot of experience.

When you do appliance store copywriting, ensure that you collect feedback. Feedback is going to ensure that you make an improvement of the products and services that you offer, based on the comments by the online visitors. Whereas a few online visitors may be outright malicious, a few of them are genuine, and they are going to give a genuine message about what needs to be improved. Make use of the feedback in order to make constant improvement on appliance store copywriting.

How to hire a professional copywriter

The first thing that you should check out when hiring a professional copywriter is that you should identify someone who is well conversant with the appliances industry. This is going to ensure that the use of words in a copy is appropriate and will offer optimal outcomes. Be aware that the modern consumer is informed, and you need to give accurate details in selling your product. By all means, it is important to avoid hard selling.

You need to have a word with your friends and relatives on where you can get a professional copy writer. The information from such sources is often valid, and the responses given will be based on personal experience. Therefore, such a response is not going to be mis-leading.


Starting a specialty appliance store is one of the best decisions that you can make. The demand is high, and you are not going to lack on sources of the appliances. However, you need to ensure that you master the art of writing copies right. Overall, if you write your copies professionally you are going to realize an increase in sales and a high rate of return on investment.


How to Copywrite for a Contractor’s Website/Blog/Social media

Contractor Copywriting



Most of the contractors work in an environment where they do not have a big problem getting a contract. However, if the current statistics are anything to go by, most of the industries in the US are facing stiff competition even among the contractors. Writing can set a contractor apart from the peers. This is because good writing creates an effective mode of communication with all the actors involved in the project.

Therefore, contractors must be willing to make use of copywriting in order to withstand competition. Unfortunately, the responsibilities related to writing are not given a priority. As a matter of fact, they are a last minute endeavor. In such a case, then, the writing outcomes are not professional.

This article will guide you on how a contractor can copywrite either in the website, the blog, or the social media.

how to do copywriting for a contractor

How to copywrite for a contractor’s website/blog/social media

It is important that you use your copies to show your customers what you offer. You have to present yourself as offering a unique product or service, better than what is offered in the market. Remember that there are many others in the market who are offering similar services to yours, and you need to set yourself apart. For example, the ability to offer green products and services can be very appealing to the customers.

When you are communicating with multiple stakeholders, you need to think about the language of communication. Using a language that conveys trust plays a critical role in building a strong relationship with multiple stakeholders. In particular, the ribbon ceremony should entail a good deal of spreading the word about the day, and the language that you use matters. In such a day, the copies prepared should be unique and tailored to the big event.

Major construction projects can face a plethora of problems. For example, the investors are interested in knowing about the rate of return on investment and how long it will take to realize the same. Similarly, contractors must show that the project is not exposed to a lot of risks, and that, in the present risks, the project can comfortably manage the risks. Such critical information cannot be presented carelessly.

Similarly, the local community is going to think about possible disruption to the day to day life of the society. In addition to that, a parent in the neighborhood is going to think about the safety of her children more so during the working hours. Moreover, employees could be worried that growth and expansion can lead to a situation where their traditional positions are redundant. This is more so if the affected employees are older employees.

As a contractor, you have to be sensitive to all the parties in the project, including the dissident voices. The way you community should show that you know about values and you are empathetic to the feelings of different parties. The ability for moderation is a matter of public importance. And when the passion in the community is running high, the contractor has to use wisdom and discretion. It is about establishing a delicate balance between the need to

After your copywriting, the comments made are going to help you to determine what the customers want. For example, your clients could desire a lower cost of doing business, or they might be looking for a specific type of equipment like a spray foam machine for sale. This is more so if the other businesses in other market are offering lower prices for the same quality and quantity. If you feel that you are not able to lower the cost of the products or services, then be sure to justify your action with the use of justifiable reason.

You need to evaluate how your customers are going to measure performance. In other words, they are going to seek value for the money. For example, if you have a remodeling business, your clients are going to check how the pictures are going to look like after a few years. Similarly, the customers will look for specific details such as the date of expiry and any extras available.

The brand voice should be strong and consistent. If this is done, it builds trust as well as a strong relationship with the readers. A good piece of copywriting ensures that the texts are appealing to the readers. If the text alienates the reader, then, one is going to experience a lower rate of conversion.

The call to action is perhaps the most important part of the website. As you aim at attracting traffic to your site, the main objective should be conversion without abandonment. A call to action guides the client in making a successful purchase. Its structure must be done right, and it must be conspicuous for all the readers to see. Therefore, the entrepreneur cannot go wrong at this stage.

copywriting for social media

How to copywrite for the social media

The social media offers a different kind of environment than the traditional marketing platforms. It offers quite a casual environment. However, this does not in any way mean that one should not be serious about the social media channels. Good copywriting skills require that one posts different messages to each social media network. In other words, one should not post identical copies to all the social media networks.

It is estimated that 79 % of the adults do use Facebook. In 2016, Pew Research Center reported that Facebook was the most widely used social media channel. Marketing that favors Facebook include pay-per-click as well as ad spend. Bear in mind that long-form messages are not suitable for Facebook. The message has to be short, and yet, capture critical information.

Facebook is appropriate for the promotion of external texts. These include videos, reports, and blog posts. When you post any link, ensure that you follow it up with an appropriate description. In addition to that, the signals used should be attention-grabbing in order to ensure that your marketing campaign leads to optimal outcomes.

If you decide to do copywriting through Twitter, you have to capture the message in question in 140 characters. Dan Zarella, a social media scientist, recommends Twitter messages to be 120 to 130 characters. Please note that when counting the number of characters, this does not include images and videos. Furthermore, Twitter allows a business owner to take advantage of unique features such as stream.

Instagram is most suitable for the use of visual messages. Videos and photos are most suitable for Instagram. Again, the use of long-form messages cannot be used in Instagram. When using this platform, capture the most important information in the first few words. Readers may not read the rest anyway as they concentrate on videos and photos.

hiring a copywriter

Why Hire a Professional Copywriter

Some tasks in copywriter for contractors falls under a Do It Yourself task. In other words, you can do it and be successful, without necessarily seeking an expert. However, there are a number of scenarios which could warrant the use of a professional copywriter. To start with, it could be that you just are not good in writing. Having an MBA does not necessarily mean that you are a good writer. If you cannot write, think about seeking the services of a professional copywriter.

Another reason why it is advisable to hire a copywriter is that the copywriter will ensure objectivity. As a business owner, you are already subjective, and you are going to take a position that is already taken by your business. Some of the blog posts are supposed to be written in an objective eye. Because you are not likely to do that, you should consider having someone else do it for you.

As you take part in the day to day running of the company, you will realize that you just do not have the time to write. If you write when you are rushed, you are going to produce a low-quality work. In such a case, the best thing is to leave writing in the hands of a copywriter, and you will realize that they will do a perfect work.

You may need a copywriter for contractors because he or she has the expertise that you do not have. In the modern business environment, some individuals start a business in an area that they do not have expertise on. In such a case, then, they rely on other business professionals to drive their agenda. A few contractors start a business in an area they are not good in, and leave the professionals to drive their business agenda.

Hiring a copywriter will ensure that the issue of market segmentation and the right audience is done. For example, the language that has been used on parents is different from the language that is used on teenagers.

When to hire a copywriter

How to Hire a Copywriter for Contractors

There are many copywriters available in the market. However, you have to make sure that you identify the right candidate in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. Prior to hiring a copywriter, there are a number of factors that you should consider, and these include the following:

-The budget at your disposal

-The purpose of the copywriting

-The expected outcomes of the copywriting

-The timeline of your project

A copywriter should be in a position to articulate his or her area of expertise in a clear and cohesive way. When you hire a copywriter, ask for evidence of the past projects carried out by the professional.

You need to understand that there are different types of copywriter for contractors. Therefore, you need to evaluate your project, and make a decision on who fits the project most. The following are examples of different types of copywriters:

Conversion copywriter: He is an expert in the art and process of selling. The professional uses strong skills of persuasion

-SEO copywriter: Is best placed to write blogs in a timely manner in a professional way. SEO helps in arranging the key words in order to boost the ranking of the website.

Technical copywriter: Such a professional work in an industry where the lay people may not easily understand. These include law, medicine, and engineering. If you need a copywriter in these areas, you better book early enough. This is because such copywriters are highly sought after and may take time to respond and be available.

Video copywriter: Your business could need a video in order to present the rationale and objectives of your company. The copywriter takes a big idea and summarizes it, or breaks it down.

Product copywriter: If you look at the product you bought last time, you could see a number of phrases and words, written in brief. They capture details about the product, for instance, a caption on how unique the product is. That work is done by the product copywriter.

Referrals are an effective tool of seeking the right copywriter. You need to check out your professional and personal networks in order to seek information about a certain copywriter. Instead of picking a random person, in Upwork for instance, you better ask your business associates, friends and relatives. Such sources of information are not going to mislead you.

However, much as you are going to look for a professional copywriter, that message, ultimately, is going to come from you. You are the one who is conversant with your audience, and you know what they want. The narrative of the good news will have to come from you. Again, if things go wrong in the mode of communication, the blame will fall on you. Therefore, work hand in hand with your copywriter, and be sure to make constructive criticism in the writing process.


The value of copywriter for contractors cannot be underestimated. It plays a critical role in crossing the right message to the audience in a professional way. As a contractor, you should think about the most effective way of exploiting the power of copy-writing. If you cannot do this on your own, it is better that you seek the help of a professional who will walk through the copywriting journey with you. Overall, copywriting has far reaching and positive implication in giving the contractors a competitive edge in the market.


How to Write Good Content for Lawyers



The law is one of the most esteemed professions in the American career landscape. The chances of making a steady income are high due to the amount clients pay and the positive outcomes of the lawsuit. However, unlike in areas such as STEM, the competition for clients in the legal profession is stiff. Therefore, you have to stand out among your peers, otherwise, you are going to record a low bottom-line.

As a lawyer, you have to present yourself in a professional way and make an impact due to the influence of the competitors. There are many tools of doing this. One of the ways through which you can achieve this is through the way you speak. The lexicon and oratory can help you stand out as an outstanding lawyer.

Another tool of helping you stand out is the content that your law firm provides. You cannot compromise on the quality of content. This article will guide you on how you can write legal content, or how you can have legal content written for you in a professional way.

How to Write Your Own Legal Content

For a startup law firm, you can think about writing your own content as you wait for your company to grow. Many start-up businesses face a plethora of challenges. Therefore, owners must find ways of saving every dollar possible. As the business grows, owners will have the privilege of hiring more professionals to join the team.

Similarly, if you have a large law firm, and you are experiencing some problems, you could still devise ways of saving money. In such a case, you can think about writing your own content. Again, the advantage of writing your content is that you will write it the way you want it. You can check on the quality, yourself. In addition to that, you understand your client in the best way, and therefore, you are going to tailor your content accordingly. In case of any mistake in content writing, you are responsible for the mistakes, and you can rectify them in the soonest time possible.

The first thing you should do is that you should be original when writing legal content. Of course, you can get information from the internet, but, inject a fresh dose on the content. One of the best ways of writing original content is through making research. Research does not have to be formal and expensive. It can be spontaneous and cheap. You can actually make observations when you are resting. As a starting point, ask yourself the following questions:

-Which are the most common legal problems does a certain locality face?

-Which mistakes do people make when looking for a lawyer?

-How can a client save money when in the process of litigation?

-How can a client know that he or she has a strong case?

Before you post any legal content, proofread your work. Ensure that you do not have any grammatical mistakes, run-on sentences, filler paragraphs, and spelling errors. Such factors can alienate your reader, and he or she can assume that you are not a professional.

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How to Have Content Written in a Professional Way

Lawyers can be busy professionals. A lot of time is taken in research and going to the court. Therefore, it is prudent that you think about hiring a content writer or writing agencies to write content for you.

Choose the type of content that you want written and present your preference to the writing agency. Blogging is one of the most reliable ways of driving traffic. Location pages target certain geographical areas, for instance, best DWI Lawyer Dallas. The use of audio and visuals is less common, but it has been used all the same. For example, you could break down the legal fees in a chart and present the same to an audience.

You need to appreciate the role that Search Engine Optimization plays in marketing a law firm. In the American SEO landscape, the lawyers were early adopters of SEO. Unfortunately, some law firms were left behind in the adoption of SEO and were not able to exploit the marketing opportunities that came with the same. The yellow pages and the telephone book are an outdated tool of attracting new clients. Therefore, hire a SEO professional to help you in your marketing journey.

When you hire a content writer, insist on the critical role that technology plays in writing content. At the same time, the content created has to be mobile-friendly. Google is making a lot of changes in the content marketing industry, and the content writer has to be well-versed in the latest trends facing the industry. Remember that you might need to carry out automation, more so in the scheduling of content.

When you hire a writing agency, remember to appreciate the local clients. Whereas most professionals value clients from all over the country, it is the local clients who drive business. For example, if a person is pulled over for drinking while driving in Miami, he is most likely going to contact a local lawyer. Such a lawyer understands the local landscape, and is able to handle such a case in the best way possible.

Data security in content writing is a matter of paramount importance. For example, with the use of HTTPS, hackers are not going to access sensitive or confidential information, the transactions for instance. In addition to that, you have to send and receive data from a secured server. If data security is compromised, data belong to the clients could be stolen. This will destroy the reputation of your law firm and can lead to far reaching implications in terms of cost.

It is worth noting that lawyers can deal with high sensitive information. For example, a legal professional could be dealing with matters of inheritance, and when such matters are contested, they can attract public attention. Similarly, many people would not want their private data diverted to other parties without their authorization. In such cases, then, you cannot compromise on data security.

Much as you would give your needs and preferences to the writing agency, make sure that you are not bossy, manipulative, and domineering. Remember that they are the professionals, and they understand content writing in the best way possible. Whereas you are a good lawyer, you may not be a good writer. Professionals like being given their space. Therefore, think about giving the professionals the liberty and the space they need in order to write good and consequential content.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Content Agency

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing a content writer or a content writing agency. To start with, choose an agency which is experienced in legal content. Unlike other types of content, legal content must be factual, accurate, and free from errors. You cannot mislead a client. A simple error could have far reaching implications on the direction of legal proceedings.

For example, the statute of limitation for medical practice is 2 years on Florida (the correct figure), and you write that it is 3 years (the wrong figure), you could mislead the client, and he or she may not get help at the right time. Therefore, you must be careful to post the right information; otherwise, you will be in trouble.

You need to seek content products and services which are within your budget. Content agencies will have different services for different quotes; you just need to choose one which will not strain your budget. Whatever the case, evaluate the capital you are injecting into your content project, and hold it against the expected income. There is no need of taking a service which is going to stretch your resources. If you find that you are straining, look for alternatives early enough.

You need to think about the availability of your writing agency. For example, if there is a crisis, can the agency be available to solve a certain problem? Similarly, if you want something posted urgently, can the agency be reached in a short time? If the writing agency is not easily accessible or available, then they is no need of doing business with such an organization as it will be inconsequential.

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Why is Content Important to a Law Firm?

There are several reasons why content is important to a law firm. To start with, by choosing to write content or have content written, you are presenting yourself as an authority in the field. In this case, you can explain basic legal terms and other issues related to law. For example, you can break down and demystify the court process for the clients. Through this, the clients are going to get reliable information from you and see you as a trustworthy source of information.

Writing content will help you drive traffic to your website. This is a great marketing tool which can help you in reaching out to more customers in the market. Lawyers deal with complex cases which can intimidate the clients. In additional to that, such clients could be going through a moment of emotional drain. The lawyer can use high quality content as a response to the needs of the clients.

You may have the trust of the loyal customer, but you have to reach out to the client sitting on the fence, and the client who does not know you. You have to think about the target audience and prepared customized message that will resonate well with the audience.

When the clients are seeking information from you, they should easily find you through an organic search. Therefore, you should ensure that your online visitors easily find you. For example, check how long it takes for one to find your content, and how organized your content is. If your content is not organized, then you are going to lose some clients.

Whereas it is good that content is written, you have to find a way of promoting it. Think about contacting your friends and relatives and let them know about your websites. They are going to help you in referrals. Another way of promoting content is through the social media. A significant number of Americans spend hours every week perusing through the social media. The greatest advantage with the social media content is that it is sharable. This is a characteristic that you should take advantage of.

After writing and promoting your content, it is time to evaluate conversion, and the impact it has on your law firm. Google Analytics is an effective tool of evaluating how effective a certain content strategy is. Making such an analysis will help you realize where you are going wrong, and the need to make modification thereon. In addition to that, you are going to identify strategies which are obsolete.

By implication, you are going to understand your market. For example, you could use data segmentation in order to analyze the customers who visit your blog. Variables which are of importance in client data analysis include the following:




-Level of education

-Geographical location

You may not realize the rewards of investing in content right away, but you are going to realize the same in the course of time. You have to be patient in order to realize a return on investment, and a significant financial gain thereof. Again, when you are executing your content strategy, you are going to face some challenges, but at the same time, you are going to learn the best way of over-coming them.


The phrase content is king has been used so often that it is becoming a cliché, but it is all the more relevant. Lawyers can use content as a competitive tool to stand out among the peers. What is important is to have a concrete plan on the best way of handling content, and the best way of executing the content strategy plan. Overall, content marketing is a consequential and effective tool of marketing to the legal professionals.