Getting Readers to Read Your Opt-In

getting readers to opt-in


Once you put your content online with an opt-in form for your readers to sign up for, you still need to have visitors in order to make any sales. The visitors have to understand the process you are recommending in order to make an investment in what you are selling. The two biggest reservations I have with many sellers is that they are selling unwanted leads to numerous marketers or not enough potential candidates to get the sales they need. Let me demonstrate that.

All sellers need more than one visitor to make a sale. The average online visitor will not buy the first time. They will most likely not buy from you on their 1st visit. Even if they did read, liked and motivated and want to do business with you, that may not happen until they may have been around 3 or 4 times.

What does this mean for your visitor who opts in as a reader to your ezine or e-mail? They have done the business of supplying you with their email address. You can’t possibly expect them to take the time to read and understand every email or article that is directed at them.

Email marketing has to be navigable by readers and not hard to navigate. Your email campaigns must be designed to construct a strong bond with your prospects and not the Big Bunctious Speaking at them, the reader that signed in first, to get a taste of what you are talking about. Your marketing campaign must persuade them that you understand their needs or problems, and that you can be trusted to deliver a product or service that will address those needs or issues as effectively as possible.

Most importantly, they can trust you to deliver the product that you tell them, will solve the problem they are facing.

In order for your prospects to take the time and effort to opt in to what you are offering, you have to help them get the answers to their questions so they can make an informed and educated decision on what you can offer.

What is the opt-in email thought process?

When a prospect opts in as a reader to the ezine, free report, e-zine box, or other form of email communication and is being told what to expect by the ezine, email, or report they are opting in to on your site, they are in a half-or more mentality. That is, being very relaxed about everything and playing around, but just not reacting and actually listening to what you say, very likely to ignore the ezine communications or non-response of the ezine if the reader has received nothing for them to do, is a valid opt-in email response.

What is the Opt-In Opt-In consists of:

1. For example if your website is offering Equipment Financing – You place a username or email address that can only be used as an opt-in subscriber on the web site.

2. You decide when you want the subscriber to receive the emails that you are offering.

3. You setup the email and tracking materials with the subscriber.

4. You have all the game in your end now, not to be in email and marketing, but just to be talking, listening, and sharing ideas as you choose to send your subscribers relevant information and messages.

When someone takes the time and effort to understand that they will receive the information you will be sending on any issues that you and your target audience needs to solve, they are more likely to read the ezine and attached marketing material. People feel like they are in control and are giving themselves some control. Sending valuable information and helping them get answers to their “what should they do next” questions is what they will want.

Opt-In emails, along with and ezine, sequential autoresponder is the solution for the marketers who really do not have a plan of action. It is very easy to track follow up messages and fulfill stated joint venture partners in addition to email marketing tool that is used in all email and opt-in communication.

These tools make it very simple, even for newbies, to create more leads and sign ups from their prospects using their website or one of the many email marketing solutions available. One of the most effective ways of promoting your online business without the expense of any paid advertising is through creating an opt-in list.

All of the marketers who are growing their email marketing lists and bringing themselves new customers and income, have used email marketing tools to help them achieve their goals.

Learning how to successfully use and create an opt-in email list for your business is a very effective way to bring in prospects that are interested in what you have to offer. Once you learn how to create a responsive and targeted email list, you will have the opportunity to provide your customers with new content and follow up messages, which will bring you new business every month for some time to come.

How to Copy write for a Welder and a Welder’s website

copywriting for welding


Welding is one of the most viable and sustainable professions which can help you earn a steady income. Almost every home and every business will need specialty welding services at one time or the other. It is a profession where very few are willing to try. This makes it one of the most desirable professions to have.

This article will guide you on how to write copy for a welder and how to ensure that your website, as a welder, is appealing and consequential.


website for a welder

Why Go Online

Much as welding is a highly marketable profession, there is stiff competition that is observed in the industry. Therefore, you need to find ways of tapping up the potential those new clients can bring to your business. In short, do not stay in a comfort zone. Rather, look for ways through which you can push your marketing agenda, and think about how best to attain a competitive edge in the market.

Having a website could as well be one of the most important initiatives in running a welding business. Ensure that the contact details in your website are clearly visible. A contact form plays a critical role in enhancing the performance of the welding business. Similarly, the functionality of the website plays a critical role in enhancing the marketing strategy of your welding business.

But perhaps, it is how you write your copy that matters most in selling your welding business. The copy you write have to be of high quality and appealing to your reader. In addition to that, the copies you write should resonate with the reader.

welding business copywriting

How to Copy write for a Welder and a Welder’s website

When you are writing copy for your website, aim to win the hearts of other construction companies, engineers, and repair shops. This is because they are a major source of business, and can be of much help in networking. Moreover, such professionals have a high standard of quality and they are going to challenge you to be better.

The profession of a welder is one general profession, but you can branch down to various areas of specialization. Anything that is made of metal could be welded. Therefore, if you identified various areas that you could branch down your trade, then be sure to state so. For example, you could have deep knowledge on the best ways of welding of planes.

The following are major opportunities for welding that you can consider, and your welding copy writing should reflect the same:

Infrastructure: welding of structures, making of buildings, and preparing construction buildings

The transportation sector: These include rail, automotive, maritime, and aerospace

Manufacturing: These include robotics, production, and fabrication

Industrial welding: These include power generation and mechanical maintenance

Long-form articles play a critical role in advancing the marketing objectives of the business. Clients who are looking for specific information are more likely going to prefer long-form content rather than short articles. With long-form content, you have an opportunity to roll out a comprehensive explanation of welding issues. There is enough opportunity to demystify complex welding problems that face the market.

soft skills in welding

The Need for Soft Skills

Your soft skills will play a critical role in reaching out to the clients. Welding is not only a science but an art too. In order to make an effective appeal to the clients, you need to show them the soft skills that you do possess. Hard skills cannot do much without the continued support of soft skills.

Communication skills are perhaps the strongest soft skills that a professional is supposed to have. You should be able to communicate to online visitors. Most importantly, you should be able to digest complex terms in a way that a layman can understand. For example, look for an official way on how best you can address criticism. If your customers complain, do not sweep the issues under the carpet. Rather, confront the issues head-on, and promise that you are going to rectify the situation.

Adaptability is a major characteristic in the welding profession. Do not be static; rather, be sure to embrace change when it comes. Be ready to learn new skills in the welding profession, and you are definitely going to adapt to a new environment.

Critical thinking is a soft skills that cuts across all professions. In critical thinking, a professional uses reasoning as well as logic in order to seek alternative solutions to problems. In critical thinking, one seeks a solution to problem without necessarily relying on mainstream methods of problem solving.

Active listening is a very important process of welding. In active listening, you are going to listen to what others are saying, and make sure that you respond accordingly. In addition to that, you are going to have a deep understanding of each point made, and meet the expectations of the client.


resume for welder


As a welder, you will find that you are going to need to send a resume. Perhaps, you could be on the lookout for a better job. In addition to that, you could be seeking out investors to assist you in a certain project. Peruse through the internet in order to evaluate how to write a professional resume, and make sure that you write one.

It should be noted that there are other terms which are related to welding, or serve almost the same purpose as welding. These include brazers, solderers, fabricators, and metal workers. You can proceed to use any term depending on where you are sending your portfolio. However, you should never lie in your resume. If it is found that you are lying, you are not going to be trusted any more, and you could lose your job and contract.

email copywriting for welder

Forms for Copy Writing for Welding

The writing of emails is now a common practice in professions, and welding is not an exception. For instance, a client who is located outside the country could instruct you on what you should do in his premises. Remember to have a dedicated email address for the workplace, and do not use your personal email address in work. Furthermore, have a habit of reading and responding to your emails. Perhaps, dedicate the first hour in the morning for reading and replying to your emails.

Email marketing has taken as prominent role in the day to day marketing of welding shops. Welders understand that clients who share their email have a lot of trust in the welders. This is unlike other options such as the social media where there is no much commitment shown. The market offers ample opportunities for an email newsletter program, and you can exploit these opportunities.

Apt professionals do record unique case studies that they noticed in the course of their work. For instance, some of the welding projects could have a set of challenges that require creativity in order to solve the problem in question.

As a welder, have a habit of carrying a business card. Having a business card shows that you are committed to your carrier. Another critical reason why you need a business card is that you are going to seek a referral. By having a bunch of them, you are going to hand them out to people who are willing to introduce you to others.

Like a university which prepares a brochure to market its esteemed courses, you definitely need a welding brochure that will present what you offer. A brochure will capture the critical elements of your institution, and what you offer. This applies, mainly, to welding businesses which offer courses and apprenticeship.


keywords for welder


Keywords are a critical component of your welder copy writing. Key words to include in your welding copy writing include the following:

-Welder shop near me

-Affordable welding services

-High quality welding services

b2b marketing for welding

B2B Businesses

B2B marketing is not common in welding, but that does not in any way mean that you cannot give it a trial. You can write content those appeals to seeking an opportunity of an influencer. It estimated that influencer marketing has 11 times return on investment when compared to traditional marketing.

As a welder, have a strong network for your welding business. For example, you could attend seminars and conferences on the best practices in welding. If you can attend online refresher courses, then do so. The more exposure you seek, the better the opportunities of selling your business.

You should understand that welding is not mutually exclusive and there are other related economic activities that one can do. For example, it is possible to compliment welding with woodworking and textile.

copywriter for welding

Why Hire a Copy Writer

A welding business is a highly demanding business. You are going to receive many calls, and you are expected to respond to those calls in the soonest time possible. Rather than doing copy writing on your own and produce a half-baked work, why not consider hiring a professional copy writer?

A professional copy writer has dealt with a variety of writing cases, including complex cases. Therefore, he or she will be in a position to use that experience in order to help you in the best way possible.

Hiring a professional copy writer will ensure that your final writing copy is refined. In addition to that, your clients are going to appreciate the writing, and this is going to lead to conversion. A poor written copy, and grammar mistakes, will alienate your online visitors.

hiring a copywriter for welding

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Professional Copy Writer

The first thing that you should consider when hiring a professional copy writer is the experience that one has in the welding business. It goes without saying that the professional that you choose should be experienced in welder copywriting business. Such a professional will have a deep understanding of the jargon and how to use it for optimal outcomes.

Second, it is very important that you check the reputation of the copy writer. The social media is an effective platform of collecting evidence. Variables and parameters that you should check include the following:

-What are others saying about the cost versus outcomes?

-What are others saying about the ability of the copywriter to meet deadlines?

-How available is the copy writer when needs be?

As a welder, you should engage in professional activities that you can afford. As far as possible, avoid having debt. When you have debt, you incur a lot of cost in interest and possible penalties. Ensure that the copy writer you hire for your services is affordable, and is able to offer you products and services within your budget.

It is important that you ask your friends and relatives on the best way to source a professional welder copywriting professional. Most likely, they have used one before, and they will not hesitate to recommend one for you. In addition to that, they can tell you in advance if they feel that a certain professional is not worth it.

welding future

The Future of the Welding Profession

The future of welding as a profession is optimistic. It is estimated that between 2020 and 2024, welding, and related professions, will record a growth of 4 % to 7 %. That is quite a sustained growth, and you should take advantage of the opportunities that will come with it. At the same time, do note that not many welders are going to enter the market. After all, not many Americans are willing to join the welding profession. Such an attitude is going to leave a lot of space for growth and the opportunity to earn a steady income.


Copy writing for welders is no longer a preference, but rather, a necessity. If you would like to stand out among the others in the welding business, then you need to understand that copy writing must be done in a professional manner. Welder copy writing will give you a competitive advantage. Overall, a copy writer will help you to achieve concrete marketing objectives.