How to Use Google’s Keyword Planner

keyword planner


Finding cheap keywords is the key to long-term success in internet marketing and home business and the fixed price system is the one I would highly recommend for a wide range of businesses all across the internet.

The best way to find cheap search terms is to analyze good keywords which are out of neck-to-neck with popular keywords in your niche and offer lesser competition too! So I would recommend a nice long list but also you would now with caution be using the cheaper keywords which will research electronically anyway. What you are working for now is to find out whether there are people using that keyword, are they buying or searching?

A good little suggestion is that when you are looking for a keyword, try to find one which not a lot of people use and who might be interested in your business or the services you provide to them.

Obviously you don’t know how many people are using the keyword or what type of keyword it will be. But is it a problem that you have created one yourself that needs to be addressed.

Look to see if you have any competition and the amount they are using the keyword and what their ranking are against other people in that keyword niche. If there is not a lot of competition and the rankings are OK but the pay per click costs are too high for the amount of people using it, you could be on the winning post. If there is not a lot of competition, which could be as low as functioning but the site is not well optimized either, with poor search engine optimization, then you could be playing for a big pot of gold. It might sound like the nice easy option but for this reason you need to check your keyword for the potential for it again, and check the reverse, which means looking at if it is generating any competitive activity.

Once you have narrowed down the list to some good keywords, you need to be looking at customers who might be searching for the keyword you are using to promote your information business. Some ways to do this are:

Is the keyword money-making? and so on.

For example, if you’re painting contractors Denver you will want to check your Denver Painting competitors for this keyword and see whether they are still in existence and try to learn why they are still there.

Are the results that say whether it’s a good keyword for your business or not?

You know that by creating the site out there, it won’t be up to the rate of growth that’s being undertaken. I know I talk about speed of growth right?

This is an area that needs to be checked. I think it may appear to be a very simple thing to do but it is vital you check the result for the location of the competition, the level of traffic for this specific keyword and the demand for it. This will give you a good indication of what to do and if you are new to what you are doing then things need to get right in order for you to be getting the results that you desire.

Google’s Panda Algorithm

Panda Algorithm


Google’s new search algorithm “Panda” is all about creating a more relevant search experience for its users.

To many SEOers, this will mean days of redirection, cache counters, Google Notebooks, and stat counters to figure out how to get to #1 rankings on Google.

Before Panda there were some pretty nasty working relationships for webmasters of all levels. I don’t know that Google really wants to trap every industry for their own benefit, but their arguments for Panda are pretty solid.

As a webmaster making business from pay-per-click search-engine advertising, this is something that I must have bitten into and found it pretty satisfying.

But the marketers who are trying to stay ahead of the rules online, and those who rely on semantic SEO techniques to help them rank higher, had very rough times getting to the top of Google.

But the big surprise is that Google’s business is actually increasing. Not only are they making money from pay-per-click, they’ve built a stable of users because of that. Google has become a whole new company.

I can’t help but wonder what others are up to -page-ranking Google. It wouldn’t look like such a great idea if I didn’t know.

Start a free blog with WordPress

A couple of years ago you couldn’t create a blog such as a guide for plant appraisal with WordPress without having a site. You had to have a site before you could start a free blog with WordPress.

Most people find them at Google’s el- paired blog search, and then take their website with them.

But now, anybody can put up a WordPress site and start a free blog with their own URL. While this kind of site is called a free-hosted WordPress blog, the requirements are to:

These are the exact two requirements you need to meet to start a free blog with any URL.

I found out this information in Google documentation.

You must forget about all other changes made to your site

To celebrate the release of Panda’s software, Google put out a couple of videos that show a step-by-step process for optimizing your site:

This is a very logical cycle for webmasters and search engine marketers. The “S” stand for ” Sutherland” in this case.

This gives us one of Google’s specifications for what’s a great site. Both of those videos make a very compelling argument for what a great site is too; this is a reasonable outline of what they want to see in a great site.

Satisfying the requirements leads to more traffic and better user experience. It also increases the chances that your site will be in the top of Google’s list.

Discover way you look at it, Google has changed the business of building a site from pay-per-click advertising to a brand new way of making money. Only time will tell if SEO has been permanently affected by Google’s quest for web quality. Until then, what do you need to think about your site’s search results – Google has already made it impossible for savvy marketers to sacrifice low rankings on the SERPs by telling us what quality means.

Taking Advantage of Google Adwords

google adwords

It’s easy to see why Google’s AdWords program is overrated.

It’d be wrong to say their AdWords that you can leverage into an instant internet income, but it is one of the easiest ways to start an online venture.

Here’s why:

You do not have to have your own product. In fact, that’s the best way to jump-start your online ventures and generate a personal income. You can literally send any visitor from Google to your own sales page and sell your product on your own internet site. It’s called Google AdSense and it can generate an instant $100,000 in affiliate revenue.

Let’s analyze some ways of optimizing your AdWords campaign and how you’ve got to generate revenue by letting people click on ads that earn you money.

We started this discussion of creating you long term Internet empire with Google AdWords Secrets.

Have you quality articles on your website?

Then this is the ideal place to put some Google AdWords ads so that you can earn revenue.

You’re going to consist of 2 parts.

Your next article may be how to get the highest click through rate you can by doing this.


By using keywords. This is a ” conspiracy” already mentioned but this way will work for them, too. You would just add some keywords to your webpage and set no limit to the number of words for the ad. For example if you run a Florida employee lawyers website you would want keywords centered around employment law.  Google Will happily show you how with their free adword suggestion tool.

But what if you sell only targeted services and/or products with Google AdWords?

This is where the best strategy becomes important.

The tricky part is how Google will look and rank your site.

These are the two questions I go to each of my students.

So, what are the best way of making AdWords effective.

The best type of ads to put on your site are the short ones. Do this: put in between 3-5 precise keywords to your service or product.

You can’t dense the number of words on the chosen ads as it’s Google’s way of helping you generate quality content for the users.

And the keyword part might be easily handled internally if you suffer from googling genius.

Additionally, the ads that you add to your website should also generate decent CTR. CTR is “click through rate” and is just what CTR is, the number of click throughs made by the ad to get visitors from the search engine.

Again, this is Google’s psychology. They are not going for the quantity of ads for you, not the quality of your website. Not what search engines are there for. Now where there product appears on your site is either the best or worst scenario.

What country you are based in

What are your targeted visitors interested in

What’s the time and surrounding time it’s best for you to show your product or service?

Basically, what is your visitor’s time zooming around in?

This is very important.

What if your content is not about your product or service, but is also relevant to your visitors (and most likely, to the visitors)?

Again, Google will check this and if this is the case, then Google is going to reward you for this. They want to show the most relevant content to the user. If your site has lots of relevant content and high CTR and has high popularity, then Google will show your ads to a very high position on your site.

How to track and test your ads

Google offers many tracking and testing tools that allows you to track certain ATT Canyon Bulletrox racist level del sue trucker

Do you want to know how exactly what I do ?

Do you want to know what should you do when you’re not the most profitable?

Do you want to improve your ad copy?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the article for you.

I’m going to show you something that I’ve never told you in great details. So pay close attention to what I say.

So there’s the next article in this AdWords Series.