Still Struggling To Get Online Traffic?

how to get online traffic


There are many ways to make money online. The techniques that work for one person may not work for you. I’m going to list three ways I always recommend to get online traffic. Doing the same thing may not create the same results.

Write articles

I know this sounds obvious today, but you would be surprised how many people do not take any action to use this. This is especially true for new marketers, but will pay off for you in the long run. You may not make a grand in one month, but it may generate enough money to pay bills and eat the food out of your paycheck by the end of the month. The key is getting started.

They say that your articles will begin to rack up as you begin to write them and submit them to the major article directories, which brings us to the next way I can get online traffic.

Now, you may not be comfortable writing a lot of articles, but that doesn’t matter as this is absolutely perfectly fine. Why are you reading this blog? Well, you definitely need the information that I’m providing right now. I’m not just going to tell you to write articles about making money online. I’m not going to tell you to start writing articles on the subject of how to lose weight.

You can learn how to write articles if you choose and you’ll make more money than anything else I’m about to explain. But all off all, I just want you to come to this page home in few sentences it will do that for you.

Let me give you a short little example, if you end up writing 100 articles, you will have 100 unique linked words. That’s just a simple equation, 100 content, 100 links. One article will always attract A thousand visitors to a 300 word article. This same principle applies to all websites not just article sites.

Again, if you had 50 articles on, say, Vehicle appraisal, you can expect a similar result. Just try to do 500 per day or 10 per month, per year. You can even do this if you’re still working a job. Just write articles.

Now, this simple process took me months to really figure out, however, it was doctor’s advice to do so. Alas, I discovered it was obviously way beyond my capabilities and absolutely necessary.

Just followed the simple 3 step formula and you will find that you will begin to get online traffic to your website. You created links for your article pages that will get picked up by the major search engines. This is free traffic and you do not pay a single penny for this traffic. For example, consider these numbers.

When you submit your author’s bio on EzineArticles it will be picked up and indexed by Google for sure! The other search engines will pick up and index your articles as well. It’s a great traffic source when done properly.

,’I have only 550 unique article[s] in my eBooks.'[If you create 50 link tips then each TAG should count]

…… Match· becoming monotonous· doing few things· left and right· you don’t pay a dime for this traffic

Isn’t this great way to start your own internet marketing business? You’ll soon see that you can turn this success around and begin to earn a healthy income. Take the same steps I once took and remember the formula. Write articles, submit them to the major directories and see the traffic soar.