How to Use Google’s Keyword Planner

keyword planner


Finding cheap keywords is the key to long-term success in internet marketing and home business and the fixed price system is the one I would highly recommend for a wide range of businesses all across the internet.

The best way to find cheap search terms is to analyze good keywords which are out of neck-to-neck with popular keywords in your niche and offer lesser competition too! So I would recommend a nice long list but also you would now with caution be using the cheaper keywords which will research electronically anyway. What you are working for now is to find out whether there are people using that keyword, are they buying or searching?

A good little suggestion is that when you are looking for a keyword, try to find one which not a lot of people use and who might be interested in your business or the services you provide to them.

Obviously you don’t know how many people are using the keyword or what type of keyword it will be. But is it a problem that you have created one yourself that needs to be addressed.

Look to see if you have any competition and the amount they are using the keyword and what their ranking are against other people in that keyword niche. If there is not a lot of competition and the rankings are OK but the pay per click costs are too high for the amount of people using it, you could be on the winning post. If there is not a lot of competition, which could be as low as functioning but the site is not well optimized either, with poor search engine optimization, then you could be playing for a big pot of gold. It might sound like the nice easy option but for this reason you need to check your keyword for the potential for it again, and check the reverse, which means looking at if it is generating any competitive activity.

Once you have narrowed down the list to some good keywords, you need to be looking at customers who might be searching for the keyword you are using to promote your information business. Some ways to do this are:

Is the keyword money-making? and so on.

For example, if you’re painting contractors Denver you will want to check your Denver Painting competitors for this keyword and see whether they are still in existence and try to learn why they are still there.

Are the results that say whether it’s a good keyword for your business or not?

You know that by creating the site out there, it won’t be up to the rate of growth that’s being undertaken. I know I talk about speed of growth right?

This is an area that needs to be checked. I think it may appear to be a very simple thing to do but it is vital you check the result for the location of the competition, the level of traffic for this specific keyword and the demand for it. This will give you a good indication of what to do and if you are new to what you are doing then things need to get right in order for you to be getting the results that you desire.