How to Write for a Landing Page


writing a landing page

A landing page, also known as an opt-in page, a squeeze page, squeeze page or a landing page, is a webpage with the sole aim of getting a user to perform an action. In short it is the webpage on which the link to the website is linked.

The main aim of the end users of a landing page is not to purchase a product, but to try the product which is being advertised or offered by the advertiser or an affiliate. In other words, a landing page is designed to get subscribers to leave their names and email addresses.

In order to follow this topic, an advertisement has to become a squeeze, or a consumer or potential client to businesses or publishers. This is a page where a visitor is taken to by clicking on a link that takes him/her to the advertisement. If the visitor likes the advertisement and is attracted to the product, then she/he must sign up for the product. This is only possible when the advertisement have been designed in a way that linked to the landing page, and with enough play, encourages the visitor to fill the opt-in form and hit the submit button to be given the solution to her/his problem. This is known as an opt-in page, a squeeze page, squeeze pages or a landing page.

There are three main types of landing pages from businesses and publishers to the website owners to meet the needs of diverse groups of users.

The first type of landing page is a quick landing page. With this type of landing page someone only has one option to entice a visitor to the site and that is to sign on the opt-in form. This type of page rest more on the word-of-mouth of the user. It is basically the easiest way to convince people to subscribe for your opt-in list.

The second type of landing page is called a non-benefit landing page. It is a simple page, but it contains very valuable information. Such pages are often used to present information to real people, in some instances small groups or individuals. The purpose of such a page is to make some people aware of the benefits of a product or service. When a visitor downloads the information, he/she will get a benefit. The buyer will also be placed in a more receptive frame of mind when they surf the Internet and look for other information. Any form of useful information that will lead a visitor to the required solution is discussed here.

The third type of landing page is a reward landing page. It’s a page where a product or service is being rewarded for the efforts made to get people to help this product or service. This is an effective way of gaining brand awareness.

Types and Different Uses of Landing Page The type of page and the applications of the landing page depend upon the purpose it will be used.

If the purpose of the landing page is to try to get people to subscribe, for example, then a survey program is created. The single purpose is to get a comprehensive count of their total number of subscriptions. Once the subscriptions are up to 10,000; then the landing page is used to make them insert their personal information. A landing page is a good tool for following up with the viewers. It promises to provide a solution to their problem.

In terms of follow-up, the landing page is the perfect tool. Certain products offer the viewer, a full refund on the purchase price under certain conditions. Traffic exchange or affiliate programs say that their main concern is their list and their revenue will be higher if their subscribers will continue to subscribe to their product or service.

To persuade people to give some information, or to sign up for a mailing list for example for architects in ventura county, they just need to register. The landing page is a perfect tool to send them to the exact page where they need to collect the information. It is a place which will ask permission to use some offers and this is a developed form of internet marketing where one can market oneself and earn money.