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When I look for an answer to my question and run across a site that fits the criteria, it is all too easy to react to their sunny DL logo and automatic CA prior to reading their site.

Let’s talk about what makes marketing successful

Here’s the ABC’s of marketing:

Always be- Best.

Be sure everything is in a state of perpetual motion (in the agency’s view).

Do not focus on the past, the present, and the future.

Getting to the future requires planning and investing in new things to come.

Always stay well ahead of the competition.

Be sure to beforehand, test customer reactions and incidents prior to trying to contact them.

Be aware of any new technology to get your marketing message across in the future.

Make your customers stop, take action, and think about what you can offer them.

Educate them and ‘pre-sell’ them.

Provide a ‘call to action’ for every page of your site so visitors know exactly what you want them to do when they get to your site.

Always track your website; use a quality tracking tool!

Test each website against other Designs and/or Strategies to see if you can beat your competitor with ‘the most targeted market’ in front of you.

Follow the Competition (your competitors!) to see what their doing.

Always think left-to-right.

You do not need the most cutting edge innovation for your site.

Your site should be easy to find so that it does not take repeat business, all based on your site’s relevancy.

Oh Yeah!

Consider getting the online equivalent of an employee. An ‘online salesperson’ that can perform every function necessary for your business.

Focus on creating a long-term strategy using tools, technology and strategies that work continually irrespective of the economy.

Therefore, make sure that the exact people who are at the top of the tree are well-proven, dependable, scalable, (read ‘always on’) and – most of all -have a clean-up burn rate, so to speak.

Get involved in a system that is in place from the beginning to both the front and back end of your Midland concrete business.

Do not try to reinvent the wheel.

Outsourcing is a critical to your businesses’ continued success.

Time is a critical factor in your business as well. In short, the more time you can, the more money you will make not only now but in the future.

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