How to write a SEO Marketing Article for an Orlando SEO Company

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Every Orlando SEO Company requires decent SEO marketing articles. This is the only way to raise their visibility among internet users. But you need quite a bit of experience to produce high-quality SEO marketing articles for an Orlando company.

SEO has been around for a long time but many people are only starting to discover the concept. As such, they are still finding their footing in this arena. If you’ve been tasked with writing your company’s SEO marketing articles, this is what your process will entail:

1). Research

Every decent article starts with research. Explore your company. Find out what they do, the services they offer, and any attributes that separate them from the competition. This will give you a picture of the kinds of articles you can write.

2). Keyword

Don’t be so quick to write articles on the first topics that come to mind. Do some additional research. To be more specific, investigate the most popular keywords surrounding the products and services your company offers.

The idea is to make sure that you are targeting keywords that potential customers frequently search for. This will increase the chances of your article attracting the attention you need to raise your company’s visibility.

Endeavor to base your topic on the most popular keywords. This is the only way to ensure that you produce the sort of content your audience wants to read. This is the reason why keywords are so important. They will show you the topics that people care about. And if you can write articles on topics that people care about, they will attract a lot of traffic.

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3). Quality

It isn’t enough to identify interesting topics. You need talent where writing is concerned or at least enough skill to produce a coherent article that is free of grammatical and punctuation errors.

Internet users have no interest in reading poorly written articles. If you doubt your abilities, find a gifted writer that can operate in your stead.

4). Integration

Don’t stop at writing a clear, concise article. Insert your list of keywords. This will set your article apart, making it visible to people that care about your topic and the offerings of your Orlando SEO Company.

Insert the keywords naturally. Use them in the headings, meta description, titles, and even the text associated with your images.

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5). Links

Once your article is ready, find ways of linking sections of your content to influential websites. This will allow you to tap into the interest and attention those websites enjoy. In some cases, those websites might be tempted to point their readers in your direction.

6). Images

Add pictures to your article where possible. Readers always respond positively to content that has pictures. But you should avoid large images that take too long to load. There are plenty of programs online that will compress your images for free. Use them to enhance your article’s loading speed. Don’t forget to select a descriptive title.

At the end of the day, Google will reward well-written and tactfully optimized articles. If you can produce long, scannable content that is littered with the right keywords, it will rank well on the internet.

How to Write a Promotional Article for a Sacramento Home Improvement Contractor

Sacramento General Contractor

Service providers must compete with everyone else in the same niche for customers. However, they typically have a very local service area. This means you must stand out in location based searches as well as general searches, ideally both. Here are a few tips on how to write a promotional article for a home improvement contractor in Sacramento based.

Create Relevant, Quality Content

Create content relevant to your customers. How can they do the work themselves, and when do they need to call in the pros? Who should they call home improvement contractors Sacramento based to fix their DIY mistakes? What type of tools should they rent from your business, and what can they buy from a home improvement store to finish their Sacramento home renovation project? Ideally, you’ll reference problems Sacramento customers in particular face or mentioning common issues while talking about how fast a home improvement contractor in California based can arrive to fix it.

Sacramento Home Improvement

Add Local SEO Elements to the Content

Anyone can add location based key search terms. For example, integrate key search terms like “Sacramento home improvement” and “Sacramento building contractors” into the content. Location references like I-5 help your business show up in searches for contractors near the person. You can improve the local search engine optimization of your page by adding service areas. For example, you could list neighborhoods you serve like Curtis Park and Upper Land Park.

Include local references when giving people driving directions. You might advise people to pass over the Sacramento River before they start looking for the exit. Customers always value advice on where they can get free parking. You might advise them to park in cheap lots near the California State Capitol Museum or park in the Target at a given intersection.

Sacramento Remodeling

Don’t Neglect NAP+W References

NAP+W stands for name, address, phone number and website. This is one case where varying references hurts your SEO. Use the exact same business name, address and phone number on every business directory entry. Furthermore, this needs to match the information on your website. For example, call your business “X Brothers Plumbing” everywhere instead of saying “X Brothers” and “X Bros Plumbing”. If your address is 123 Main Street on your home page, don’t abbreviate it to “St.” or refer to it as “Drive” elsewhere.

Why must this information be consistent in Google maps and the online phone directory? That is because the location based searches use this information to determine where your business is located. If there is variation in the location information, the AI behind the search engines is confused as to where you’re located. It comes up with a generic locus for your location instead of knowing you’re located at 123 Main Street in Sacramento, California. You’ll rank lower in local search results for a service provider. Unfortunately, people rarely look past the top three search results in location based searches.

Adding your website to every business directory entry creates trustworthy backlinks to your website. It also ensures that those searching for your business can go to your website. However, you should add hours of operation and other essential information to business directories when possible. Better yet, give them the ability to book an appointment through the business listing, if that is an option.

If you have several locations, create a separate business directory entry and homepage for each one. This prevents your local SEO from being diluted. It also allows each of your business locations to come up in search results. You can add hyper-localized home improvement contractor Sacramento references to each entry like referencing the neighborhoods you serve or landmarks within sight of your business when giving driving directions.