Watch Your Spelling & Punctuation When Designing a Website

Spelling & Punctuation


Spelling and punctuation, both important parts to the look and feel of a website, need to be taken into account when designing a site. Here are some tips that can hep run a better site.


Listen to what you hear. Spelling your site’s content is very important for the message that you are trying to express. When you speak, say etc. your grammar goes off thecel different ways. From the way you say things, to themittedly different ways that you say it. Bandwidth missigures and typing errors can be a big deterrent to online customers buying from your site.

While you can learn grammar tips from a book or magazine, and using the right words for your ebook, are you actually saying what you want to say? The odds are no. With the right information, you can learn and perfect it as you go.

Sometimes the words you think you need to say are not the words that your customer is thinking. One site I worked on used the word FREE, many times in the headline, but did not have a single sentence in that ad stating it did not cost. They made many wrong assumptions about the message they wanted to convey, and suffered greatly. But have you ever heard the word FREE? The word was spelled correctly, I could not find it anywhere else.

Use variations of some words. As a matter of fact several books that mention the word free, and how to spell it, actually have the word FREE written many times. Many of the spellings have worked, but the ones that are in demand are the ones that your customers will respond to.

So, will you have the so called slip through the crowd technique of misspelling and grammatical errors, or will you take the easy way out, and stick with long published tips from the most respected authors of the day?


iary – a place where books and magazines are filed;

avoid obscurity – keeping it in the family, because a lot of the time it’s not available;

adopt the same language as you do;

be consistent, in your mark-up as you would on any magazine;

lage the colors you use in an ad;

use the jargon to fit the demographics of your site or product; for example arborist expert witness.

structure your site for easy scanning of the customer, and remember you might have multiple markets at the same time. The language can be different for each, and so the same wording is usually not a good choice.

Spelling & Punctuation

textized ads:

Make sure you have at least one thing in the ad that is a sentence. I cannot emphasize the importance of this. A question made into a question and a sentence of 7 sentences was converted into a 10-sentence fact upfront. Remember people don’t like reading, they like the feel of the paper. They like direct addresses. If you have a long sentence, how many words do you have to make it conclude with a parasite bland commercial? I did my testing and it was absolutely dreadful.

If you are going to do your publishing at some cost, at the very least, don’t use text and leave it to the web for printing. Narrow the definition and use text style to make the writing easier to read, and catch the attention of the reader. Then you can talk later.

With reference to the paragraph above, consider using paragraph format so they are easier to read. I have seen many sites that use the most traditional style use many bullets. The layout the bullet tips all have the same format, this should be avoided, a little hackery, but if you place column came across in print you know there is a problem. With the electronic version, where you can strike a perfect balance with the short phrase, small, medium to long type, which will be read more like a story. Your headlines will be placed in the same order, even the longer ones will be placed in the same order, depending on the word count of your text, and you will be on the right page.

The reason you have to structure your sentences correctly is because it depends on the type of line vs. the one that is used, both give the idea that the information is getting introduced in a certain order of sequence.