Steps To Create A Winning Squeeze Page

A Winning Squeeze Page


When creating a new website it can be very tempting to just jump in and start. And this is very sometimes a mistake. Creating a good web page is a step by step process. You need to focus extra hard on this, sometimes. But it will be well worth that effort.

Affiliate marketing is among the easiest ways to make money online. You will be able to earn commissions when you make a sale for a vendor that sells an afternoon girl for $400, you will make commissions for a sale you made yourself for a thousand dollars.

But in reality, most of us are looking for that one product or that one affiliate that will make us tons of cash with little or no effort. No, we have a desire to be big and make that cool consistent income that will quit our full time job.

What we need to do is to create a landing page to bring as many people to it as we possibly can. A squeeze page is very important in affiliate marketing. It forces you to get traffic that knows nothing about you. Why should a stranger who has never heard of you purchase your product for you? Somebody has to do it!

Here is your thought. If you were looking for a good product on how to get rid of gingivitis, where should you go? If to me the answer is, the Internet. If somebody has invested their hard earn money in something called the cure for gingivitis, and you want to purchase it, then you should do the same.

You, in essence are charging for leads and getting it in the way of gaining leads. Now, if you already have a website or a blog, then the odds of people buying from you are virtually zero. Now, what if you could propose in advance the job requirements that any customer would have to undertake to be eligible to buy from you?

If you already have this info, then it can become an affiliate program, where you refer them to. Would be an easier way to cash out some extra profit without any outlay or effort.

What we want to do is to put the offer in front of them a few times. Two successful buys is a good number. But if you over time build a sneezing aka preying on their problems, then you will convert a higher percentage of buyers.

There is no guaranteed way to get leads, and no maybe even close to a guaranteed way. But by using the right techniques and methods, you can think of developing and improving the usual things you are already doing.

How do I know this? I know because I am doing this. I am getting a good number of leads, but conversion is minimal at best. But I have at least one of them following me up on a monthly basis. I even supply a quality free subscription so sales can start to come in.

Just to give you a rough idea of my road to online riches; I can list you names of places I went to get some good ideas that I am performing right now. I have gone to forums to get ideas as well as blog sites to further advance my ideas. Now, just imagine the same thing and to get started.

Step 1

Write articles about your niche such as South Carolina Bank Levies. Creating an e subscription.

Step 2

Create a yahoo account as well.

Step 3

Open up a pay per click account using Google money. ( tighten your wallet a little)

Step 4

Do a search online looking for ebooks that you buy to use as resources to implement your e-course.

Step 5

Your notes from the forums. The problem that the information is not tailored to your niche.

Step 6

Think of ebooks you can buy from amazon or other sources and compile them all into a PDF file.

After you have compiled the eBook, take a look through the content and see what you will need to edit in your own words. Then you have another eBook to edit.

With multiple ebooks all compiled it is important to follow through and use the resources as mentioned. This time around you will have your own video.

Videos typically take about 2 hours a day to create. ( divide the time by 12 though, and start to see the money come in) You may need to edit the videos and add some words. Your videos will be visible on the web.

An easy way to promote your free report utilizing videos is to add it to You Tube. How?

If you’re going to create a free report then instead of writing a 12 page eBook see if you can get the same information via videos.

Buy a domain, and set up a free site.