The Success is in the Bottom Line

how to sell more


In this article I want to give real their’s as to why there is a massive difference between internet marketers and many other people and why marketing methods are the key to financial freedom. At the heart of all businesses are the marketers and they have the resources that make the sales.

This is also the reason that internet marketers have been very successful in that they’re are more than happy to give away the information and tools that they know will create a huge impact on their customers and more importantly for their business.

The “The Thinking is the Products Approach” is the one traffic generation strategy that I teach every one of my students and will continue to. The approach I’m speaking of is the names and email addresses that are opting in to your website to become an educated prospect.

For example, when someone comes to your website such as to sell emergency response training, they’re either looking for you or an emergency response training product that you could help them with. In both cases they’re open to buying but not always ready to buy. You then have to keep in contact with them in order to introduce your product or services.

The thinking the products approach allows you to implement the idea of a capture page without sending traffic away. The process is almost exactly like a sales method. The purpose of your website is to create an emotional reaction where the prospect must buy your product before they can access the free information.

You must enter the prospect’s mind to find a following source of information that is solving the problem that they’re facing. Most people are looking for information that solves a problem or brightens their life.

This is how you find your market of interested prospects with tools such as but not limited to search engines and pen and paper. Mind mapping is also a very powerful tool to work with.

The name of your website is part of your sign post as far as your intention is to market is concerned. You may think if I name my site “.com” then those are pretty good signs. The process is very different for that name.

If you have a “power house” name, then name it as a way of telling the visitor to go to that website and opt in their email address in order to receive more information.

This means they are interested in your topic and want more information on your topic. These are hot prospects because they have already been exposed to your marketing; therefore they are extremely qualified prospects.

This then takes the form of your follow up emails automatically they did opt in to receive more information.

Ideally you will have an warm list of around 12-15,000 responsive people or more depending on how many of them are actually interested in your topic but by using an autoresponder you can fulfill that need.

The thinking is the products approach is the one traffic generation strategy you should always use because there’s never a lack of prospects that are ready and willing to buy what you’re offering.