Affiliate Marketing Selling – What Is It And Who Needs It?

affiliate marketing


Affiliate Marketing is one of the hardest and most varied careers to find on-line, which is why it is such a special gift to beginning internet marketers.

To put it simply, Affiliate Marketing means that you are an affiliate. Whether you are selling or promoting someone else’s products or services, you are their affiliate.

So what exactly does the term “Affiliate Marketing” mean?

As a start up business, affiliate marketing means you create an advertising campaign for someone else’s business, either in the form of your own website where you drive traffic to, or you purchase advertising space from a larger distribution seller with a wider reach, but you don’t own the ads.

You are offering to drive that traffic automatically and on a commission basis to them.

Affiliate marketing can be done in many forms. Some are so tedious (going through website addresses, software downloads etc) that it is safest to leave these to the specialists like real estate or Sell my house fast Jacksonville. However, some of the work that results from Affiliate Marketing can be done yourself and if done correctly, can be a comfortable home based business model which you can do when you have spare time.

There are many sources used by website owners and authors to bring traffic to their website. By providing a link at the bottom of an article or webpage that is forwarded to their visitors, these traffic levels can explode exponentially. What’s more, the advertising that you provide is usually free.

In addition, the sky’s the limit – commissions generally range from a few cents and wives make money with affiliate marketing. In some instances you might be paid $50 for a single emailing, or $50 for a pre-sales page generated by the article (this will differ from one niche to the next!).

Aside from affiliate marketing, many internet marketing instruction manuals also recommend the purchase of web hosting, autoresponder and newsletter packages to automate the sales process. This flexibility is something that many neglect, and is a recipe for disaster if you are Lord (or Queen) and the only person who ever sees the site is you.

Forget that. Sure, it’s a good idea (and recommended by the experts) to get a couple of the items listed above. But none of them will ever cost you more than a few dollars. Remember the real key here is to get people on board for the long term.

Affiliate Marketing isn’t for everyone, but if you follow the recommendations of those who do make it big (and who are keen to share their secrets), you can be one of those people who do make their fortunes in a place where the future is as bright as the stars!

What should I do?

If you are a complete beginner, I’d recommend you stick to commissions of between 10% and 20% which is a good deal considering the service you are providing is usually free! £10 – a whopping 15 cents per click at Clickbank is not uncommon (and easy).

But of course other forms of affiliate marketing are more expensive and less popular.

Ensure that you find out what the affiliate marketing sales commission-basically how much money you will get paid and how you will be provided for payment. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before hand, about what you can and can’t do. 60 – 90% paid by check, 30 – 60% paid by PayPal.

Affiliates are often paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, and don’t wait for payments until you have more than 1000 uniques sales to display on your site. Some websites pay twice a month (at the customer’s request) and there are some who pay perhaps once a weekly.

You need to know when you will get paid, and what the payment schedule is. Most affiliate merchants require you to earn at least $25 and pay you a 50% commission, whilst some do offer 100% commission.

How much does it cost to become an affiliate?

This is normally going to vary greatly, from a single referral of under $100, to the affiliates of giants like Amazon and eBay who earn over $1,000,000 per year.

Regardless of the commission structure, you will need to attract qualified visitors to your website or offer, and this is a skill which takes time, obligation and commitment to learn (covering in this article).

If you are lucky enough to work with the top websites in each industry, then the affiliate deal you are on can be very profitable, particularly in the first year. Affiliates often keep track of their commissions and this will be salesman’s salary too!

How do I choose the right products to promote?

As with most businesses, this too is covered in great detail at the outset. However, there are a few general guidelines.