How to Write Good Content for Lawyers



The law is one of the most esteemed professions in the American career landscape. The chances of making a steady income are high due to the amount clients pay and the positive outcomes of the lawsuit. However, unlike in areas such as STEM, the competition for clients in the legal profession is stiff. Therefore, you have to stand out among your peers, otherwise, you are going to record a low bottom-line.

As a lawyer, you have to present yourself in a professional way and make an impact due to the influence of the competitors. There are many tools of doing this. One of the ways through which you can achieve this is through the way you speak. The lexicon and oratory can help you stand out as an outstanding lawyer.

Another tool of helping you stand out is the content that your law firm provides. You cannot compromise on the quality of content. This article will guide you on how you can write legal content, or how you can have legal content written for you in a professional way.

How to Write Your Own Legal Content

For a startup law firm, you can think about writing your own content as you wait for your company to grow. Many start-up businesses face a plethora of challenges. Therefore, owners must find ways of saving every dollar possible. As the business grows, owners will have the privilege of hiring more professionals to join the team.

Similarly, if you have a large law firm, and you are experiencing some problems, you could still devise ways of saving money. In such a case, you can think about writing your own content. Again, the advantage of writing your content is that you will write it the way you want it. You can check on the quality, yourself. In addition to that, you understand your client in the best way, and therefore, you are going to tailor your content accordingly. In case of any mistake in content writing, you are responsible for the mistakes, and you can rectify them in the soonest time possible.

The first thing you should do is that you should be original when writing legal content. Of course, you can get information from the internet, but, inject a fresh dose on the content. One of the best ways of writing original content is through making research. Research does not have to be formal and expensive. It can be spontaneous and cheap. You can actually make observations when you are resting. As a starting point, ask yourself the following questions:

-Which are the most common legal problems does a certain locality face?

-Which mistakes do people make when looking for a lawyer?

-How can a client save money when in the process of litigation?

-How can a client know that he or she has a strong case?

Before you post any legal content, proofread your work. Ensure that you do not have any grammatical mistakes, run-on sentences, filler paragraphs, and spelling errors. Such factors can alienate your reader, and he or she can assume that you are not a professional.

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How to Have Content Written in a Professional Way

Lawyers can be busy professionals. A lot of time is taken in research and going to the court. Therefore, it is prudent that you think about hiring a content writer or writing agencies to write content for you.

Choose the type of content that you want written and present your preference to the writing agency. Blogging is one of the most reliable ways of driving traffic. Location pages target certain geographical areas, for instance, best DWI Lawyer Dallas. The use of audio and visuals is less common, but it has been used all the same. For example, you could break down the legal fees in a chart and present the same to an audience.

You need to appreciate the role that Search Engine Optimization plays in marketing a law firm. In the American SEO landscape, the lawyers were early adopters of SEO. Unfortunately, some law firms were left behind in the adoption of SEO and were not able to exploit the marketing opportunities that came with the same. The yellow pages and the telephone book are an outdated tool of attracting new clients. Therefore, hire a SEO professional to help you in your marketing journey.

When you hire a content writer, insist on the critical role that technology plays in writing content. At the same time, the content created has to be mobile-friendly. Google is making a lot of changes in the content marketing industry, and the content writer has to be well-versed in the latest trends facing the industry. Remember that you might need to carry out automation, more so in the scheduling of content.

When you hire a writing agency, remember to appreciate the local clients. Whereas most professionals value clients from all over the country, it is the local clients who drive business. For example, if a person is pulled over for drinking while driving in Miami, he is most likely going to contact a local lawyer. Such a lawyer understands the local landscape, and is able to handle such a case in the best way possible.

Data security in content writing is a matter of paramount importance. For example, with the use of HTTPS, hackers are not going to access sensitive or confidential information, the transactions for instance. In addition to that, you have to send and receive data from a secured server. If data security is compromised, data belong to the clients could be stolen. This will destroy the reputation of your law firm and can lead to far reaching implications in terms of cost.

It is worth noting that lawyers can deal with high sensitive information. For example, a legal professional could be dealing with matters of inheritance, and when such matters are contested, they can attract public attention. Similarly, many people would not want their private data diverted to other parties without their authorization. In such cases, then, you cannot compromise on data security.

Much as you would give your needs and preferences to the writing agency, make sure that you are not bossy, manipulative, and domineering. Remember that they are the professionals, and they understand content writing in the best way possible. Whereas you are a good lawyer, you may not be a good writer. Professionals like being given their space. Therefore, think about giving the professionals the liberty and the space they need in order to write good and consequential content.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Content Agency

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing a content writer or a content writing agency. To start with, choose an agency which is experienced in legal content. Unlike other types of content, legal content must be factual, accurate, and free from errors. You cannot mislead a client. A simple error could have far reaching implications on the direction of legal proceedings.

For example, the statute of limitation for medical practice is 2 years on Florida (the correct figure), and you write that it is 3 years (the wrong figure), you could mislead the client, and he or she may not get help at the right time. Therefore, you must be careful to post the right information; otherwise, you will be in trouble.

You need to seek content products and services which are within your budget. Content agencies will have different services for different quotes; you just need to choose one which will not strain your budget. Whatever the case, evaluate the capital you are injecting into your content project, and hold it against the expected income. There is no need of taking a service which is going to stretch your resources. If you find that you are straining, look for alternatives early enough.

You need to think about the availability of your writing agency. For example, if there is a crisis, can the agency be available to solve a certain problem? Similarly, if you want something posted urgently, can the agency be reached in a short time? If the writing agency is not easily accessible or available, then they is no need of doing business with such an organization as it will be inconsequential.

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Why is Content Important to a Law Firm?

There are several reasons why content is important to a law firm. To start with, by choosing to write content or have content written, you are presenting yourself as an authority in the field. In this case, you can explain basic legal terms and other issues related to law. For example, you can break down and demystify the court process for the clients. Through this, the clients are going to get reliable information from you and see you as a trustworthy source of information.

Writing content will help you drive traffic to your website. This is a great marketing tool which can help you in reaching out to more customers in the market. Lawyers deal with complex cases which can intimidate the clients. In additional to that, such clients could be going through a moment of emotional drain. The lawyer can use high quality content as a response to the needs of the clients.

You may have the trust of the loyal customer, but you have to reach out to the client sitting on the fence, and the client who does not know you. You have to think about the target audience and prepared customized message that will resonate well with the audience.

When the clients are seeking information from you, they should easily find you through an organic search. Therefore, you should ensure that your online visitors easily find you. For example, check how long it takes for one to find your content, and how organized your content is. If your content is not organized, then you are going to lose some clients.

Whereas it is good that content is written, you have to find a way of promoting it. Think about contacting your friends and relatives and let them know about your websites. They are going to help you in referrals. Another way of promoting content is through the social media. A significant number of Americans spend hours every week perusing through the social media. The greatest advantage with the social media content is that it is sharable. This is a characteristic that you should take advantage of.

After writing and promoting your content, it is time to evaluate conversion, and the impact it has on your law firm. Google Analytics is an effective tool of evaluating how effective a certain content strategy is. Making such an analysis will help you realize where you are going wrong, and the need to make modification thereon. In addition to that, you are going to identify strategies which are obsolete.

By implication, you are going to understand your market. For example, you could use data segmentation in order to analyze the customers who visit your blog. Variables which are of importance in client data analysis include the following:




-Level of education

-Geographical location

You may not realize the rewards of investing in content right away, but you are going to realize the same in the course of time. You have to be patient in order to realize a return on investment, and a significant financial gain thereof. Again, when you are executing your content strategy, you are going to face some challenges, but at the same time, you are going to learn the best way of over-coming them.


The phrase content is king has been used so often that it is becoming a cliché, but it is all the more relevant. Lawyers can use content as a competitive tool to stand out among the peers. What is important is to have a concrete plan on the best way of handling content, and the best way of executing the content strategy plan. Overall, content marketing is a consequential and effective tool of marketing to the legal professionals.