751 – Why Are There So Many Spellings for ‘Hanukkah’? (Or Is That ‘Chanukah’?)

Hebrew and English don’t use the same alphabet, which is why you see so many different spellings for “Hanukkah.” The word is transliterated from Hebrew instead of being directly translated from Hebrew.LINKS AND SPONSORS |Learn how you can get my LinkedIn Learning course free: https://t.co/coQuXJRtrT |GRAMMAR GIRL EMAIL NEWSLETTER |https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/newsletters |GRAMMAR POP iOS GAME |Optimized for iPad: http://bit.ly/iPadGrammarPop |For iPad and iPhone: http://bit.ly/GrammarPopMobile |PEEVE WARS CARD GAME |https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/grammar-girl-s-peeve-wars |GRAMMAR GIRL BOOKS |http://bit.ly/GrammarPopBooks |GRAMMAR GIRL IS PART OF THE QUICK AND DIRTY TIPS PODCAST NETWORK |VOICEMAIL: 833-214-GIRL (833-214-4475)

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