Getting Readers to Read Your Opt-In

getting readers to opt-in


Once you put your content online with an opt-in form for your readers to sign up for, you still need to have visitors in order to make any sales. The visitors have to understand the process you are recommending in order to make an investment in what you are selling. The two biggest reservations I have with many sellers is that they are selling unwanted leads to numerous marketers or not enough potential candidates to get the sales they need. Let me demonstrate that.

All sellers need more than one visitor to make a sale. The average online visitor will not buy the first time. They will most likely not buy from you on their 1st visit. Even if they did read, liked and motivated and want to do business with you, that may not happen until they may have been around 3 or 4 times.

What does this mean for your visitor who opts in as a reader to your ezine or e-mail? They have done the business of supplying you with their email address. You can’t possibly expect them to take the time to read and understand every email or article that is directed at them.

Email marketing has to be navigable by readers and not hard to navigate. Your email campaigns must be designed to construct a strong bond with your prospects and not the Big Bunctious Speaking at them, the reader that signed in first, to get a taste of what you are talking about. Your marketing campaign must persuade them that you understand their needs or problems, and that you can be trusted to deliver a product or service that will address those needs or issues as effectively as possible.

Most importantly, they can trust you to deliver the product that you tell them, will solve the problem they are facing.

In order for your prospects to take the time and effort to opt in to what you are offering, you have to help them get the answers to their questions so they can make an informed and educated decision on what you can offer.

What is the opt-in email thought process?

When a prospect opts in as a reader to the ezine, free report, e-zine box, or other form of email communication and is being told what to expect by the ezine, email, or report they are opting in to on your site, they are in a half-or more mentality. That is, being very relaxed about everything and playing around, but just not reacting and actually listening to what you say, very likely to ignore the ezine communications or non-response of the ezine if the reader has received nothing for them to do, is a valid opt-in email response.

What is the Opt-In Opt-In consists of:

1. For example if your website is offering Equipment Financing – You place a username or email address that can only be used as an opt-in subscriber on the web site.

2. You decide when you want the subscriber to receive the emails that you are offering.

3. You setup the email and tracking materials with the subscriber.

4. You have all the game in your end now, not to be in email and marketing, but just to be talking, listening, and sharing ideas as you choose to send your subscribers relevant information and messages.

When someone takes the time and effort to understand that they will receive the information you will be sending on any issues that you and your target audience needs to solve, they are more likely to read the ezine and attached marketing material. People feel like they are in control and are giving themselves some control. Sending valuable information and helping them get answers to their “what should they do next” questions is what they will want.

Opt-In emails, along with and ezine, sequential autoresponder is the solution for the marketers who really do not have a plan of action. It is very easy to track follow up messages and fulfill stated joint venture partners in addition to email marketing tool that is used in all email and opt-in communication.

These tools make it very simple, even for newbies, to create more leads and sign ups from their prospects using their website or one of the many email marketing solutions available. One of the most effective ways of promoting your online business without the expense of any paid advertising is through creating an opt-in list.

All of the marketers who are growing their email marketing lists and bringing themselves new customers and income, have used email marketing tools to help them achieve their goals.

Learning how to successfully use and create an opt-in email list for your business is a very effective way to bring in prospects that are interested in what you have to offer. Once you learn how to create a responsive and targeted email list, you will have the opportunity to provide your customers with new content and follow up messages, which will bring you new business every month for some time to come.