How To Make Massive Amounts Of Money with Writing Online Fast

online money making


If you want to find legitimate ways to make money online FAST then there is few places you need to seriously consider. Why? Because those (or few) out there in enticing promises of money quickly are actually not genuine offers! As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Just because some website says that you can earn $100,000 in 6 months then it is a fake!

However, there are genuine ways to make money online. How do you find them?

I have listed 8 of them below for you!

Filling online surveys

Once upon a time people would go around and do surveys for various companies in order to give them feedback. Nowadays however, with almost everyone having access to the internet, people would instead do online surveys for a registration fee. You just need to register with any survey website. Most respectable surveys sites will only ask you a personal profile to give you more information about yourself. Then all you need to do is take the surveys that are available and just wait for your earnings to come online to you.

Find reputable web sites as joining some online surveys sites can be a scam too!

Providing virtual assistance

You can also work from home by “virtual assisting” someone. However, what happens here is that you would be responsible for doing a particular task for them such as server administration tasks, office assisting, manual tasks and administrative duties.

Such assignments may include answering customer inquiries, receiving faxes and denying obligation, distribution of email copy, accounting for travel expenses, paying bills, expenses and medical expenses and more.

Freelance writing

Writing is generally a good source of income. For this type of work it would be helpful clients out there need good writers to write for them so that they would not have to do it themselves. If you are a good writer, consider writing for clients. There are websites in the internet where clients can post their projects. You also pay once you have done some job.

CPA marketing

A lot of companies now is into internet marketing or advertising. One way that they do this is using CPA or Cost Per Action. In other words, your income here might just come from the clicks rather than the time you invest in generating the clicks.

Website development

Can you build a website? If yes, then start earning money online. A wide and growing number of people go online for business and information purposes. And if you can provide these people with good information and developed websites then you can start earning from them. This is a legitimate way to make money.

Writing reviews

You might have also heard of this word. This is review. May have heard it over and over again and you might have even bought some products about this. Indeed, it is the most genuine way to make money online.


Have you vigilant about any commercial establishments? Well then you can write review about those products and companies. Having good knowledge about computer programming can be a good start.  We have friend who used to have a company landscape business but started blogging and it took off so much he didn’t have time to run his landscaping business anymore.

Website Management

This is a wide and growing area. If you can make and manage websites yourself, be sure to earn money from this/

As a conclusion, the above are some of the ways for you to make money online quickly.