How to do copywriting for an Architect

copywriting for an architect


The term copywriting refers to the process of giving a tagline or a description in order to captivate, entice, and educate. Bruce Brendinger states that copywriting is a skilled craft, a job, verbal carpentry, and salesmanship.

The architect deals with a number of stakeholders in the industry, and communication is at the heart of this. Such stakeholders include the government, other professionals in the private sector, potential clients, clients, and the public.

This article is going to guide you on architect copywriting.

How to do copywriting for an Architect

As an architect, you need copywriting in order to present the cost of the project. You do not need to do this to your clients alone. Rather, make it a matter of public domain where the American public can access the page without any restriction.

Many Americans struggle with making a decision of the cost of constructions. As a matter of fact, there is a feeling of fear among many Americans when it comes to building and construction projects. Many feel that such projects are way too expensive and could turn out to be a white elephant.

It is important that construction teams start looking for tenants and early enough. This is because such an initiative will translate to a situation where the owners starting earning an income early enough.

In many instances, architects are going to be in need of presenting data and information to stakeholders. This has to be done in a clear and highly engaging way. In addition to that, data and statistics can be boring, but with the right presentation, they can be enjoyable to the readers.

When making a presentation, the formatting of the data and information presented matters a lot. You must be sure to include the headings, subheadings, and the captions. Moreover, you need to ensure that the notes are clear and readable.

The question then becomes how to best present the data and information in a way that stakeholders can understand. For example, as a professional, not everyone understands your industry and your niche. Therefore, you cannot use jargon, and you cannot use complex data in the process of communication.

A copywriter for your architectural engagement or BIM Architecture will assist you in the art of communication. The most important thing is that he or she will help you choose the words to use in a presentation session.

Unfortunately, the US has experienced various cases of discrimination. Whereas you are not such a person, you could say a word innocently, only to realize that it is offensive to some people. A copywriter will edit any offensive word, and help you look for better wording that is more appropriate. What is important is to prevent damage before it occurs. Otherwise, if you start with damage, then it becomes very difficult to repair such damage.

As an architect, every project that you carry out is going to give you a marketing advantage in the future. So, how do you keep a record of your current project? You will need to write about your experiences in the project. For example, if you admit about the mistakes that you made, then you are going to be trusted by their clients, and they will feel that you are realistic in your work.

Copywriting could help you a lot when you are dealing with a public relations crisis. In such a time, every word that you present to the audience could make or break the company. It is important that a problem is addressed head on. In such a circumstance, what matters is the words and phrases which are used.

Copywriting will help you in the preparation of testimonials. The testimonial is how your company has interacted with your company and their experience. They are a part and parcel of marketing, and play a critical role in selling you out to potential buyers.

When you are writing a copy, there are critical questions that you must answer, and these include the following:

-Why are you writing the copy?

-Who is the targeted reader of the copy?

-When is the best time to release the copy?

-What is the overall goal of the copy?

Like a goldfish, an online reader can have a short concentration span. As a matter of fact, some readers check content when they are on the run. Therefore, the most important data and information should be captured at the beginning of the content. If you fail to do this, your audience may bypass it.

As far as possible, the keywords and the most important phrases should be highlighted. For example, the use of bolding plays an important role in creating emphasis and stating what is the most important. Similarly, it is critical that one employs economy of words in order to minimize the number of words used in a copy.

You need to be honest when doing architect copywriting. For example, the use of clickbait can be dishonest and misleading. Online readers do not like being duped, and it is important that you are honest right away. In short, the title of the content should match the content discussed in the body of the copy.

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Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization

As an architect, you need to be very careful about how your websites looks like. In other words, be careful about the aesthetics of the website. Online visitors can be picky. When they find that your website is not looking professional, they can dismiss you as unprofessional too.

You can exploit the power of the website in order to make an appeal to the online visitors. You have to present it professionally, and aesthetically appealing.

A copywriter could go through your already written content and offer you constructive criticism. You can therefore use these same comments in order to make constant improvement on your website.

There is no need for embarking on big projects, projects that cannot be found on Google. If this is the case, you are going to limit your potential client base. You need to have well-shot images that are going to have an impact in your marketing agenda.

Most of the American consumers start with making a search when they decide to buy a product or a service. Therefore, you need to position yourself as a competent professional through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO will ensure that you are more visible when it comes to the highly competitive industry.

You need copywriting when making an outreach about your products and services. Outreaches are an effective strategy of going to the community to sell your project. If you carry out a successful outreach, the community is going to be aware of the project you are dealing with. Remember, as an architect, the decisions that you make will directly affect the community.

Ways of carrying out a successful outreach to the community include writing of eBooks, use of podcasts, use of email campaigns, use of newsletters, and carrying out of a public campaign.

High quality writing helps your website to rank high on the search engines. The right SEO is going to rank high. Online visitors have a high preference on the websites that rank favorably. With competition increasing among architectural companies, it is important that you compete favorably through the search engines.

Your website should capture how you run the business. For example, you should clearly state about the question of payment. There are three main methods of payment that architects charge:

-A percentage of the total

-An hourly charge

-Pay per square foot

Such information has to be prepared in a very clear manner. This is because readers use such data in order to make a decision. Clients visit such a page for the purpose of comparison.

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Why Hire a Copywriter

It is possible for you to write for your architecture business. However, this is going to take a lot of time and energy. Again, much as you are a professional in architecture, you are not a professional in writing. The simple mistakes that you make could mean a lot to your business, and could damage your professional reputation. Again, copywriting is a deep skill that can take years to master.

Rather than writing your own copies to address the public relations crisis, seek the help of a professional who will guide you on the best way of phrasing the words. Words can carry different meanings depending on their usage, and you need to be careful on the choices you make for your architect copywriting.

You are not going to engage in writing every single day. As a matter of fact, copy writing could be a peripheral activity to your business. In such a case, then, you do not need to hire a full-time copywriter. The best thing to do is to outsource such work and hire a copy-writer. Such a choice is cheaper in the end.

Being close to your architecture business means that you can understand it. Whereas this could be a positive thing, it could be a negative thing to. This is because of the possibility that you could be subjective in your analysis. If you hire a copywriter, he or she will look at your business from outside, and make an objective analysis. An external observer can also help you understand some things that you could otherwise not understand.

You cannot adopt a one-size fits all copywriting. You cannot borrow sentences written by the competitors and group them together in your website. Rather, you would rather have a customized copy of your business. Different businesses have different needs and preferences. Therefore, one cannot borrow a copy from another business and use it verbatim.

A professional copywriter will help you write a copy that suits your business. Such a copy is going to be unique and will not imitate what others are doing. The copy writer is going to evaluate the specific needs of the business. When clients realize that your business is showing a unique appeal, then they are going to feel more comfortable reading your content.

For example, clients with large and complex construction projects may prefer the use of computer-aided drafting. Similarly, there are some clients who are on the look-out for green products, services, and solutions. In other words, clients are going to ask for specific things but a generalist approach is not an effective approach.

How to Hire a Copywriter

If you want your architect copywriting done well, you have to think about how to get the right copy writer. As an architect, you have to be careful about who you hire for your copywriting. The copywriting business does not have standard guidelines, there are no high barriers to entry, and the industry has been colonized by different professionals. In such a complex environment, it is your responsibility to identify the right copy writer.

Before you hire a copywriter, it is important that if you evaluate if you are going to need one. This is a service that you are going to pay for. Whatever business decision that you make, stick to your budget. However, if you feel that you need one, then avoid DIY. DIY would rarely lead to a professional service.

It is critical that you evaluate if the copywriter is interested and excited about your business mandate. If he or she is not, the enthusiasm required is not going to be sustained, and there could be communication problems along the way.


In the coming few years, the field of architecture will continue to grow in leaps and bounds. The construction industry is one of the most stable sectors in the American market. If you invest in the sector, you can never go wrong.

In such a case, the best thing is to position you to benefit from a share of the market. One of the best ways you can do this is having an effective copywriting service. Whether it is done in-house, or outsourced, it has to be professional. Overall, a well-planned copywriting service will go a long way in helping the architecture.