How to Write Converting Copy for a Bankruptcy Consultant

bankruptcy copywriting


The relationship between creditors and debtors can be complex, and it faces a significant number of challenges. In many cases, creditors default due to circumstances. At the same time, the modern American economy is facing a plethora of inherent and structural challenges in their process of doing business. In such cases, individual owners do seek viable and sustainable ways of moving out of such a predicament.

This is where filing for bankruptcy comes in. Filing for bankruptcy refers to a legal process where one states he is unable to pay debts, and seeks relevant intervention. It is aimed at seeking a neutral ground for both the creditor and the debtor and to reconcile their differences. On one hand, a debtor is given time to re-organize himself and think things over. On the other hand, there are negotiations on paying the creditors.

A bankruptcy consultant offers a wide range of products and services. Therefore, as a bankruptcy consultant, you can peruse through the internet and see the scope of your job and how you can expand. The point is that the market offers many opportunities for bankruptcy as they seek appropriate intervention on their financial situation, more so restructuring debt.

Many of the bankruptcy consultants work in banks as well as other financial institutions. They can compile and manage a banking portfolio from inception right to its discharge. The government also employs bankruptcy professionals who are going to study the bankruptcy dynamics in the country. It should be noted that the government plays a critical role in giving individuals and business owners a conducive environment to do business.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of a bankruptcy lawyer include the following:

-Researching clients’ accounts

-Maintaining correspondence with clients

-Reviewing a bankruptcy plan

-Invoicing clients

-Making calls

-Liaising with other professionals on issues facing bankruptcy

There are some bankruptcy consultants who offer services in the field of “relief”. Other clients are going to think about foreclosure. In short, there is no shortage of what you can do as a bankruptcy consultant.

As a responsible bankruptcy consultant, do not forget about the ethics of your career. For example, if you can offer responsible advice to a business owner, then do so. Such dedicated advice could save one from running out of business. What is important, by the end of the day, is to make an impact in your line of work as you seek to earn a living. As a matter of fact, you can make a balance between running a profitable business and intervening for others.

The Role of Marketing in a Bankruptcy Consultancy

Like in any other profession, the role of marketing in filing for bankruptcy cannot be underestimated. Due to the stiff competition in the market, one must be sure to stand out among the peers. One of the ways of doing this is to ensure that you roll out an effective marketing strategy.

Through marketing, you are going to retain your customers who have been consulting you. At the same time, you have to think about getting new comers. Do bear in mind that you should prepare yourself for the future business market as it is going to be more competitive. The best way of preparing for the future is through laying concrete measures today.

How to Write Converting Copy for a Bankruptcy Consultant

The bankruptcy consultant should prepare a copy that is going to convert. To start with, you should be empathetic to the online visitors and understand their situation. Do not aim at making profit first, rather, build a connection and a relationship with you customers.

You need to let your online visitors know that it is their right to file for bankruptcy. As a matter of fact, filing for bankruptcy comes with its advantages. Perhaps, the most important advantage for filing for bankruptcy is that you obtain an automatic stay when it comes to creditors. There is nothing as frustrating as having to be bombarded with calls every day. When one files for bankruptcy, one gets time to think, clear the mind up, and give the necessary responses.

In your copy, you need to inform your readers that they may qualify for dischargeable debt upon qualifying for bankruptcy. Dischargeable debt is debt which can be discharged or cancelled, when one files for bankruptcy. Such debts include personal loans, medical bills, and utility bills.

Now, having informed your client that he or she has a right to filing for bankruptcy, and there are advantages to filing for one, the next thing is to explore with you online readers if filing for bankruptcy is the best option. Remember, you are not making a decision for the online readers, but rather, you are looking at the best decision that both of you can make.

Your copy could explain to the bankruptcy applicant that he or she stands to have the credit cards cancelled. Again, and unfortunately, one could lose property, under unexempt property. When one is filing for bankruptcy, one has to think about the cost of filling for the same. In some business circles, filing for bankruptcy could show that one is not an apt professional. This could in turn lead to difficulty in attracting funding.

As a bankruptcy consultant, you are going to have a wide range of clients. However, rather than thinking about reaching the greatest number of clients, think about how you can have a specialty or a niche. Individual clients would rather work with clients who have some form of specialization or the other. This gives them greater confidence when they are interacting in the line of work.

Business owners write a copy in order to sell, and this is where they go wrong. A copy should not be written from the point of view of the entrepreneur, but rather, from the point of view of the online readers. In other words, it is about the value that you can offer them and now what you are going to gain from the business interaction.

George Gribbin says that a copywriter should have a deep understanding of the people, gain deep understanding on what the people want, and have sympathy towards them. When writing your copy, be sure to do background researches on what the people want, and what they like.

It is important that you evaluate the challenges that are facing your clients, and tailor your copy to those challenges. As a general rule, business owners should desire to help in solving complex problems facing the greater society. Think about the people who are seeking bankruptcy services, and the anatomy of their business.

It is worth noting that business owners and individuals faced with bankruptcy can be very stressed. Therefore, you need to be a source of assurance. Your sales copy should not make it worse for your readers. The language that you use should show that you are sensitive to the needs of your clients.

Now that your clients are facing anguish and stress, then you need to be an advocate of your clients. You are going to plead on behalf of the client, and seek the most favorable outcome possible. The court of law can be intimidating for your clients, and you need to be able to demystify this process for the most optimal outcomes possible.

The Structure of the Copy

To start with, you should be sure to choose between business/formal and informal/casual. This is not your decision to make. The language and tone that you use, is the language and tone that is used by your clients. If you use a different language and tone, then, the you are going to alienate your readers. For example, older people will not feel comfortable with informal language and condensed wording. Whatever decision you make concerning the tone and language you use, making a conservative choice is generally perceived as a safer bet. Choosing an untested communication style on you could lead to a backlash.

When you write a copy for your bankruptcy consultancy, be clear and concise. You need to have a heading or title which is going to grab the attention of the reader, and you need to keep the readers hooked. Each part of the copy’s narrative should have a specific idea it is exploring. Rambling will make it difficult for you to pass the message across.

Do bear in mind that nothing is written in stone. You need to look at the circumstances of your business, and see if there are specific needs and preferences that will warrant a unique way of writing. You cannot copy what another business is doing, and paste it in your business. Rather, customize the writing of your copy in order to meet the needs of the business.

You need to think about how you can be authoritative in making your arguments. In connection to this, you need to show that you have done enough research before you make any claims. In order to show authority, you can either make qualitative or quantitative arguments. The good thing is that you can easily get data and statistics concerning bankruptcy trends.

Much as it is worth being seductive in your writing, do not be misleading. Be sure to give correct information. Nothing is as frustrating as a client reading certain information and finding a different thing on the ground. You should note that misleading someone in a piece of writing is wrong, unethical, and could be illegal. In addition to that, misleading your clients could damage the reputation of your office, and reversing the same takes a long time.

At the same time, avoid using jargon that your readers will not understand. Because bankruptcy and restructuring debt is a legal process, you need to devise a way of explaining terms in a manner that one can easily understand.


Importance of Professionals

If you feel that you are not going to do a perfect job on this, then the best thing is to seek the services of a professional. Marketing agencies in the market can help you write as sales copy which is going to lead to conversion. They are available in the market, and you just need to peruse through the internet in order to find one.

It is important that you choose a marketing agency which has accumulated vast experience in the marketing field. If you are not sure about a certain marketing agency, be sure to check the comments at the bottom of the website, or better still, ask around from friends and relatives.

The professional or marketing agency that you choose should sufficient knowledge on working in the field of bankruptcy. This is because the field of bankruptcy has its special terminology that one must be aware of prior to writing. Of course, simple mistakes could mislead the online readers, and this could have far-reaching consequences.

Writing sales copies may seem cheap, but it is not. Bear in mind that you are going to be updating critical information. In addition to that, you will have to write a number of copies in order to suit your marketing needs. Therefore, you need to set aside the right budget for your sales copies. If you sign up for an expensive package, you might find yourself funding an expense that is stretching your office resources.

Lastly, the marketing agency that you choose should be sure to use ethical practices to boost your marketing portfolio. Some practices such as negative SEO could harm the reputation of your business. Rather than discrediting other professionals and businesses, it is better to concentrate on the strengths of the business, and present your case.


Being a bankruptcy consultant can be a lucrative position if you do the right planning. There are a lot of opportunities for growth and expansion. In addition to that, you will be working with people who need your professional opinion, and therefore, they are going to appreciate you. Overall, writing a copy which can convert will help you realize a high rate of return on investment.