How to Build an Affiliate Marketing List with Great Copywriting

build an email list


It is every copywriter’s desire to own a large responsive mailing list. Yet, so few are able to reach the time, effort, and income that is required to do this.

Your list is your most valuable asset. It represents your top trustworthy customers who have taken the step to buy something from you. And it can also include people who are just saying, “I am interested in what you are selling.”

To make money from your list, you need formatting. Even if you aren’t realizing a killer income just yet, you need to start the process of building your list. Everyday it is easier for people to click away from your site than to subscribe to your mailing list.

People simply do not like waiting for information from affiliate or internet marketers. This is one of the biggest exasperating battles that make the web so frustrating.

A compelling heading of some sort is needed to convince visitors to give you their email address. This article will take a look at a powerful but very simple strategy, that thousands of marketers use just to get traffic to their site, and to build a list! You can do what I do.

Every time I finish a new article, I start a new e-mail campaign. Every time I am convinced that I received targeted traffic, I forward that traffic to my squeeze page. Here are 3 simple steps the professional marketers use.

1. Create a free gift – Such as a free report, audio, or video. It should be valuable enough to click the subscribe link on your site, and may well be downloaded over a period of days. Make sure your gift is actually worthwhile to people and that includes containing useful content.

2. Use the “powered by” Green Button – This is an automatic plug-in to use with WordPress plug-ins. They are very commonly downloaded for a reason. Simply put, it allows you to maximally maximize how much traffic you generate from your squeeze page. You can choose to install your own WordPress plug-ins to show additional points of the WordPress plug-in. The click-through is worth 100% of its value because it stimulates a physical action from your visitor.

3. Capture the personal information you need to see to build your sales funnel

You are Tube’s, Facebook’s, Ryze’s, etc modular of statistics; they planned erstwhile, and you can do the same!

Capture them by adding an opt-in form. Ask only for your visitor’s first name and maybe their email address.

All marketing pros use opt-in forms. If you sell lacrosse gear then join lacrosse forums.  It has been proven that you need to capture data from at least 50% of your visitors to build a list. Not everyone buys the first day, and one must keep in mind this fact. Although you want a responsive list, you want to make sure that you are sitting on your list at all times. Join every possible forum you can find.

I have sponsored three lists. I am convinced that my lists have the highest conversion rates, all of which involve when people respond to my opt-in form on the classified ad/work from home product I created.

People love to find deals, and you can make several times your money based on list size.

Every new product/email/product release that signs up people begins the process of courting and pre selling the new subscriber. By using the brass tokens, I paid $7 to get hundreds of people to my squeeze page each day.